Saturday, January 9, 2021

Congress Update

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Highlights from Opening Day 117th Congress

Senate swears-in six new lawmakers as 117th Congress convenes

House Prayer To Open The 117th Congress Ended With ‘Amen And Awoman’, Invokes Hindu god

Cleaver: 'Awoman' ending to prayer meant to recognize record number of women in CongressFull Prayer

Congress’s Foolish Opening Prayer Exposes A Deeper Problem For Christianity — And The West

House sets up 'separate enclosure' for votes from members exposed to COVID-19

GOP: Pelosi tossing coronavirus rules 'for what is politically convenient'

Pelosi elected speaker, likely for the last time, Squad Supports, Centrists Oppose

McCarthy rebukes Democrats before handing gavel to PelosiFull Speech

Chip Roy challenges seating of House members from six presidential battleground states

Proposed House Rules Strike Non-Inclusive Words ‘Father,’ ‘Son,’ ‘Sister’: McCarthy Responds, Criticism widespread

House adopts rules package for 117th Congress, sidelines GOP

45 New Pro-Life Members Sworn in to The House of Representatives

Congressman Paul Gosar and Senator Ted Cruz Object to Arizona’s Electoral College Results

McConnell rebukes effort to overturn Electoral College, 'Unfair and wrong', 'It would damage our republic forever', Congress Cannot Overturn ElectionFull Speech

Pence removed from Senate as protesters breach Capitol security

House, Senate Recessed Due to Lockdown Amid Protests

‘Hold the Line’: Inside the House Chamber as a Mob Stormed In

Electoral ballots saved from Senate floor

Guns Drawn In House Chamber During Armed Stand-Off

Shots Fired Inside Capitol, Rioters Storm Senate, Members Of Congress Don Gas Masks

Pence Condemns ‘Unprecedented Violence And Vandalism’ In Capitol Building As Senate ReconvenesFull Speech

McConnell: ‘Unhinged’ mob tried to disrupt democracy and ‘failed’Full Speech

GOP condemns rioters as Congress reconvenes

Congress rejects challenge to presidential vote in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Certifies Biden’s Presidential Victory, with more GOP support

Trump pledges 'orderly transition' of power

'This was no drill': Congress tells chilling tale of rioters at Capitol


Lawmakers miscast Congress' counting of Biden's electoral win as a fact-finding mission

First Amendment

Big Brother goes to Washington: Newspeak in the halls of Congress

NRB Responds to Gender Neutral Changes in 117th Congress Rules Package

Senate Bill Would Create Task Force to Monitor Public Health Statements

Second Amendment

Police Chief Warns New Congresswoman About Carrying Gun in Washington

Congresswoman packing heat tells DC police chief she has followed district rules

Capitol Riots Prove Lauren Boebert Is Exactly Right To Carry In Congress

154 House Members Sign-On to Bipartisan Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2021

Federal Spending

House Democrats Block Republican Measure To Ban Blank Check For Green New Deal

Climate Change Legislation Won’t Need A Price Tag

New House rules loosen fiscal restraints


Trump acknowledges end of presidency, Says There Will Be ‘An Orderly Transition’

House Judiciary Democrats Call On Pence To Invoke 25th Amendment, Remove Trump From Office

Pelosi: Trump should be removed immediately

Pelosi and Schumer demand Pence remove Trump and ask military to secure nuclear codes, Have Not Heard From Pence

Congresswoman Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

Biden HHS nominee Becerra faces GOP confirmation concerns over abortion, universal health care


‘Shaking A Fist In The Creator’s Face’: Franklin Graham Slams Gender-Neutral House Rules, ‘Awoman’ Prayer

Health Care Policy

Congress addressed surprise medical bills, but the issue is not resolved

3 health care policy predictions now that Democrats have won control of the Senate

Education Policy

DeVos makes final pitch for school choice in letter to Congress

Betsy DeVos Urges Congress To ‘Reject Misguided Calls’ To Cancel Student Loan Debt And Make College Free


Pelosi's, McConnell's homes vandalized as $2K stimulus check bill fails to pass , Kentucky governor calls vandalism to McConnell's home 'unacceptable'

Top House Appropriations Republican, Rep. Kay Granger, tests COVID-19 positive

Congress using potentially faulty COVID-19 test, FDA warns

The 117th Congress Has Begun, One New York Congressional Race Still Undecided

House could toss Republican member from office by using 1937 precedent

Bipartisan members of Congress launch wildfire caucus

Schumer and Pelosi declare Democratic takeover of Congress

Pelosi's office vandalized after pro-Trump rioters storm Capitol

Barricades, broken glass and bomb threats: Inside the siege of the Capitol

Third House lawmaker, Rep. Jake LaTurner, tests positive for COVID-19 this week

Cotton calls out Senate Republicans for misleading supporters about election results

McConnell ousts Senate sergeant-at-arms after Capitol riots

House Sergeant-At-Arms Paul Irving Resigns Over Massive Security Breach Of Capitol

Pelosi orders flags at half-staff for Capitol officer that died

Bipartisan anger builds over police failure at Capitol

Laptop stolen from Pelosi's office during Capitol riots

‘Real Fights Are Scary’: Dan Crenshaw Says House Members, Media Pushed Rioters Into The Fight

Committee Activity

McConnell vows 'painstaking investigation' and 'thorough review' of Capitol security

Two Senate committees vow probe of security failure during Capitol riots

House committee opens investigation into Capitol mob breach

House Democrat probing any 'inside' support from police amid Capitol riot

Floor Outlook

‘A Brand New Day’: Schumer says $2K checks will be top priority of Democratic-controlled Senate, also Felon Enfranchisement, National Election Overhaul

Democrats unlikely to share power in 50-50 Senate

'Buckle up': Sen. Chuck Schumer sees Senate majority leader role within reach

With Dems In Control Of The Senate, ‘Nothing Is Off The Table’

Meet the Senate’s new power players: Centrist Democrats

Assistant House Speaker: Impeachment vote could happen next week

Member of Senate GOP leadership: Senate Removing Trump 'not going to happen'

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