Saturday, February 6, 2021

Congress Update

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Related Headlines:

Senate Confirms Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary

Senate Confirms Alejandro Mayorkas as DHS Secretary

House blocks immediate consideration of GOP school reopening legislationDebate, Amendment, H.R. 682

House passes measure docking pay for members who avoid congressional metal detectorsH.Res. 85 (Sec. 8)

Senate agrees to organizing resolutions after Schumer-McConnell deal

Pro-Life Speeches: by Senator Ernst, Rep. Carl, House Pro-Life Caucus, Rep. Rutherford, Rep. Lamborn, Rep. LaTurner

Senate blocks bill to prohibit abortion on the basis of Down syndromeS. 75

Senate blocks bill to restrict funds from organizations associated with abortionS. 137

Senate blocks bill prohobit Title X grants going to any entity that performs abortionsS. 88

Senator Scott of Florida introduces resolution opposing Iran dealS.Res. 31

Marjorie Taylor Greene defends herself in HouseFull Speech

Marjorie Taylor Greene Removed from House Committees

Senate Budget Votes:

Senate Democrats Block Amendment to Limit COVID Funding to States That Hide Nursing Home Deaths — Vote: 50-50

Senate signals broad support for more targeted coronavirus relief checks — Vote: 99-1

42 Senate Democrats vote in favor of government payments to illegal immigrants — Vote: 58-42

Senate Democrats Block Amendment to Stop Infanticide — Vote: 52-48

Senate agrees to amendment keeping U.S. embassy in Jerusalem — Vote: 97-3

Sanders says he 'never' intended to raise minimum wage to $15 during a pandemic as Senate rejects itS.Amdt. 767

Senate declines to establish ‘fund relating to prohibiting infringement on the free exercise of religion — Vote: 50-50

Senate supports expanded health savings accounts — Vote: 53-47

Here's where Senators stood on controversial issuesS.Con.Res. 5 Actions

VP Kamala Harris breaks tie, Senate Democrats approve budget resolution, teeing up coronavirus bill

Houses passes budget resolution for coronavirus relief after Senate's marathon sessionS.Con.Res. 5stimulus plan likely to follow

Foreign Policy

House Homeland Security Republicans call for clarity from White House on strategy to counter China threat

Congressional Republicans Call on Biden Administration to Act Swiftly on Ethiopia Crisis

House Republicans Urge Biden to Keep Embassy in Jerusalem


Does DC Statehood Require A Constitutional Amendment, Or Can Congress Pass It Via Legislation? It’s Complicated

Pelosi’s H.R.1 Bill Will Unleash Consequential Election Law ReformH.R. 1

Democrat challenges accuracy of voting machine, Lawyer Claims Voting Machine ‘Irregularities’, Claudia Tenney to be declared winner in NY House race, judge rules

Second Amendment

To prevent violence, let members of Congress keep carrying

Gun control bill from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee would create national firearm registry, require licensing


Biden reignites immigration fight in Congress

House Democrats push for path to citizenship in COVID-19 relief


Schumer Is Wrong About Debt. Congress Must Take Debt Danger Seriously, Not Spend Recklessly.

Federal Spending

Biden's Promised $1,400 Checks Are Even Dividing the White House

Some Of Biden’s Top White House Economic Advisers Are Reportedly Pushing Back On His Stimulus Package

Sen. Tim Scott urges Congress to finish distributing December COVID relief before passing new stimulus bill

Sen. Capito: Meeting with Biden, Senate Republicans on coronavirus relief was ‘productive’

Biden, Senate Republicans Far Apart on New Virus Relief Bill

Schumer: Biden told GOP senators aid proposal 'was way too small'

White House Signals Support For Romney’s New Coronavirus Proposal To Help Families With Young Children

Schumer vows Democrats 'united' after Biden meeting on coronavirus

Biden urges Congress to pick up the pace

Biden Meets With House Democrats in Push for $1.9T Plan

Smith introduces ‘No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion ActH.R. 18


Trump Attorney: Congressional Democrats Trying to ‘Rush’ Impeachment Trial

Trump Team, Impeachment Managers Lay Out Arguments for Senate Trial

Graham Warns Democrats Over Calling Witnesses During Trump Impeachment

Trump Rejects House Democrats’ Request to Testify at Impeachment Trial

Trump attorneys dismiss calls for Senate trial testimony as 'public relations stunt'

Schumer Leaves The Door Open On Censuring Trump If He Is Acquitted In Senate

Top Senate Judiciary Dem backs DOJ Civil Rights Division nominee Kristin Clarke amid resurfaced past Black supremacy letter

House Republicans Seek White House Documents on ‘Unprecedented’ Firings of NLRB Lawyers


Congressmen Want to Honor Babies Killed in Abortion By Lowering American Flags to Half StaffH.Res. 58

Senators Introducing Bill to Expand Prohibitions on Use of Foreign Assistance Funding for Abortions

Congressman Introduces Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heart Begins BeatingH.R. 705

48 Senators Vow To Oppose Any Legislation That Funds Abortion

Commerce Policy

Senate Democrat Breaks With Biden on Keystone, Urges President to Reconsider

Democratic-led Congress pressures Joe Biden to cancel up to $50,000 in federal student loans

Health Care Policy

House GOP Seeks to Block Gitmo COVID-19 Vaccinations

YouTube Cancels the U.S. Senate: deletes video of Senate hearing on COVID treatment from senator’s channel — While YouTube removed the video from the senator’s account, it was still up on Bloomberg News’ YouTube page.

Healthcare Organizations Call on Congress to Stop Payment Cuts

Technology Policy

Hawley: Congress must 'get all of the facts' on possible 'collusion' between Big Tech, hedge funds

House Republican joins progressive push to keep former big tech adviser out of DOJ role

Senate antitrust hawk Amy Klobuchar drops major reform bill

Senate Interest in Big Tech Regulation Grows on Both Sides

House Republicans Call On Democrats To Host Hearing With Big Tech CEOs

Senate Democrats propose Section 230 reform bill to hold Big Tech ‘accountable’ for content

Education Policy

“No More Goalpost-Moving”: Time to Get America’s Kids Back In School — Full Text

Senate agreed to a resolution which “encourages all parents… to learn more about the education options available to them”


Reports: Pelosi's husband made huge Tesla buy prior to Biden's electric vehicle announcement

House Democrat diagnosed with COVID-19 after receiving both vaccine doses

Vaccinated Congressman Tests Positive for COVID-19

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner quarantining after learning close contact tested positive for COVID-19

Pelosi Steps Up Security for Traveling Members of Congress

Rep. Waltz urges Army to press Congress, FBI for details on threats to Capitol that require National Guard

House GOP Members Urge Pelosi to Remove Capitol Fencing

Congressman: New fence around Capitol means we 'ought to continue our fence on the border'

In recounting of Capitol riots, Ocasio-Cortez reveals she is a sexual assault survivor

Rep. Kat Cammack: Doctors Urged My Mom to Have an Abortion, But She Chose Life

Congressional leaders pay tribute as Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick lies in honor

Senate appoints new secretary

‘I Actually Believe In The First Amendment’: Jim Jordan Says Ilhan Omar Shouldn’t Lose Committee Assignments

Cheney Keeps Post In House Leadership, Still Faces Challenges In Wyoming

Over 60 progressive groups urge Schumer to nix filibuster

Sen. Mike Lee Explains Why the Senate Has the Filibuster and Why It Would Be a Mistake to Abolish It

GOP lawmakers call for Pelosi to be fined over bypassing new screeningsLetter

GOP lawmakers fined $5,000 for bypassing House security screenings, Louie Gohmert and Andrew Clyde expected to fight $5,000 metal detector fine, GOP Rep. Gohmert rips Dems over $5G metal detector fine: 'Making up rules as they go'

Committee Activity

Senate panel advances Vilsack nomination to head Agriculture Dept.

Senate panel advances Biden's Commerce secretary pick 21-3, House Republicans Urge Senate to Delay Confirmation Over Huawei

Senate committee approves Biden energy secretary nominee Jennifer Granholm

Banking Committee sends Fudge, Rouse to full Senate for votes

Senate panel schedules hearing for Biden’s budget director nominee

Sanders, Warner Tapped to Chair Powerful Senate Committees

DOJ, FBI pressed by Senate Judiciary for answers on Capitol Hill riot

House Oversight requests Secret Service briefing on threats of extremist violence in wake of Capitol riot

Senate Judiciary Chairman Says Gun Control Is ‘Top Priority’

Nunes on report Schiff pushing to be California AG: His departure would improve House Intel Committee

Grassley, Wyden Release Insulin Investigation, Uncovering Business Practices Between Drug Companies and PBMs That Keep Prices High

Congressional investigators find 'dangerously high' levels of heavy metals in some baby food

House Panel Investigating COVID-19 Outbreaks at Tyson, JBS, Smithfield Plants

Booker, Warnock bring social justice goals to Agriculture panel

Floor Outlook

Senate set for unprecedented impeachment trial

Who is Senate pro tempore Patrick Leahy and why is he presiding over Trump impeachment trial?

Pelosi hopes House can pass COVID-19 relief within two weeks

Senate Democrats say consideration of cannabis reforms will be a priority

Senate Democrats push resolution condemning racist groups, QAnon

Schumer previews ‘whole-of-Senate’ climate fight

Garland could be stuck in Senate limbo for several more weeks

Pelosi: House Aims to Pass Biden Relief Plan Before End of February Following Senate Budget Approval

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