Saturday, February 20, 2021

Congress Update

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Foreign Policy

Hawley Calls For Biden To Reconsider Funding Abortions Abroad

House Resolution Calls for US to Boycott 2022 Beijing Winter OlympicsH.Res. 129

Conservative Lawmakers Launch Legislative Blitz Exposing Biden’s Weakness on Communist China

Rep. Banks Leads Republican Study Committee in Large-Scale Campaign to Counter Chinese Communist Party

New Congressional Leaders Want to Expand US Diplomatic Outreach

Pelosi: Speaking Up for Human Rights in China Is About ‘Honoring Our Values’


Puerto Rico Governor Makes Alarming Statement About Statehood, Congress 'morally obligated' to act on statehood vote, Chuck Schumer Flips On Puerto Rican Statehood

Capitol Fence Highlights D.C. Statehood Difficulties

Second Amendment

White House Reassures Gun Control Groups It Will Fulfill ‘Ambitious’ Agenda

Biden Calls on Congress to Restrict Gun Ownership

Pelosi, Top Democrats Renew Call for Gun Restrictions


Biden immigration bill lands in CongressPelosi says Biden immigration plan could be split up to pass Congress‘Inclusive’ New Language for Illegal Aliens

Tax Policy

Democrats Target Private Equity, Hedge Fund Tax Break in Bill

Federal Spending

White House Refuses To Say Whether COVID Spending Bill Would Fund Abortions

House Democrats push for taxpayer funding of abortion industry in COVID-19 relief bill

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act’ Introduced in U.S. House of Representatives

Pro-Life Americans Fight Back Against Joe Biden’s Plans to Kill the Hyde Amendment, Fund Abortions

Here Comes The Pork: Congressional Earmarks Are Reportedly Making A Comeback

Congress Must Confront Overspending, CBO Report Confirms

Schumer, Warren push for $50K in student debt cancellation after Biden balks

Biden Supports Study on Slavery Reparations as House Democrats Push Bill

House panel unveils $1.9T relief packageCommittee report, 591-page bill text


Manchin’s opposition threatens to sink Biden budget nominee

Joe Biden Nominee Xavier Becerra Could Be the Most Pro-Abortion HHS Secretary Ever

House Democrats call on Biden to fill Postal Service Board vacancies to pave way for ousting DeJoy

Congress may revisit ‘cooling off’ period for retired military officers to serve as defense secretary

Psaki contradicts Biden plan to address joint session of Congress this month, Now Not Likely Until March

Maine Congress members call for halting proposed rule impacting forest economy


Rep. Meuser: Supreme Court ruling on election law would help unite a divided country


Nancy Pelosi Blocked a Bill to Stop Infanticide 80 Times and She Still Opposes It (80 times), Protecting Newborns Is Common Sense. Time for Congress to Take Action.

Health Care Policy

Congress Needs To Build On Its Previous Half Win On Transparency In Next COVID Bill

Democrats' very pricey, very small health care coverage expansion

Senate Democrats unveil health care proposal with public option


Pelosi Announces 9/11-Style Commission To Investigate Capitol Riot, says it should have subpoena power

House GOP leaders demand answers from Nancy Pelosi on security decisions before Capitol riot

Pelosi’s Office Fends Off Questions From House Republicans About Capitol Security

Rep. McClain Asks Pelosi Why National Guard Could Remain Deployed in DC Through Fall

Democrats’ New Senior Adviser Called Police ‘White Supremacists’ After Capitol Incursion

Democrats Receive Backlash After Giving Ilhan Omar a Promotion

Democrats defend some GOP members against Q label

Ossoff named chairman of Senate investigations subcommittee

Lawmakers clash over self-defense prohibition in Natural Resources Committee room

Congress Should Be Mightier Than A Pen

Committee Activity

Chairman David Scott’s climate, equity vision for House Ag

Ex-Security Officials on Duty in Riot Are Summoned Before Senate Committees and before House Appropriations Committee

House Holds Hearing on Reparations, high-price-tag-bill faces strong public opposition

GameStop Shows ‘Predatory Ways’ of Wall Street, Waters Says

House Democrats criticize Texas's 'shortcomings in preparations' on winter storms

House panel to investigate Texas winter power outages

Manchin plans Senate energy committee hearing on Texas power crisis

House panel to probe conspiracy theories in the news, 2/24

Zuckerberg, Pichai, Dorsey Due Back for New Grilling in Congress in March

GOP senators demand probe into Cuomo's handling of nursing home deaths

Floor Outlook

Deceptively Titled Equality Act introduced in HouseHouse expected to vote on sweeping bill next weekBill is a threat to life and freedom, creates a “right” to kill babies in abortions

House Aims to Vote on COVID-19 Relief Bill by End of Next Week: Pelosi

Puerto Rico governor expects statehood bill to enter House by mid-March

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