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Congress Update

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Related Headlines:

House holds moment of silence as US approaches 500,000 COVID deaths

The reading of Washington's Farewell Address

Nominations confirmed: Vilsack, Thomas-Greenfield, Granholm

Equality Act, H.R. 5Bill Text The “Equality Act”: Threatening Life and EqualityGaslighting realityIs Trojan Horse for Abortion Lobbycould require physicians and nurses to perform abortions, hence Catholic Bishops OpposeSchumer and Pelosi Would Deny Americans Freedom of ConscienceWould Criminalize Objective Truth

Related House floor speeches:
• 2/23: Members spoke on H.R. 5, the Equality Act and the danger of gender identity politics
• 2/24: Rep Virginia Foxx calls out Democrats for destroying religious freedom with H.R. 5 (Full Speech) • Rep. Greene notes it would need to be struck down
• 2/25: Saying No to H.R. 5 which ‘causes discrimination

Full Floor Debate on H.R. 5, 2/25 — Highlights:
Chip Roy slams Equality Act as government forcing people to 'bow' to 'cultural elite'Full Speech
Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) opposes expansion and funding of abortion, infringement of religious libertyFull Speech
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) Speaks in Support of Conscience ProtectionsOriginal “religious garb” comment, Jordan response
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) Speaks Supporting Conscience ProtectionsFull Speech
Congressman Jerry Nadler: “God’s Will is No Concern of This Congress”Full Context

House passes H.R. 5, the Equality Act (224-206) • Bill Creates “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions, Force Americans to Fund ThemBill would impact abortion, marriage, family, gender, sports and moreThree Republicans voted in favor

COVID bill: Pelosi Kept Minimum Wage Hike in COVID-19 Relief Bill Despite Senate Parliamentarian’s Ruling • Rule Debate, Bill Text, DebateHouse Passes Aid Bill With $1,400 Checks; Focus Moves to SenateHouse Democrats Pass $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill That Forces Americans to Fund Abortions

National Security

Beating back defense cuts is the No. 1 goal of the Armed Services Committee's new ranking member

Key Senator Urges Pentagon to Finish F-35’s Combat Tests Quickly

House Democrats Want Biden to Give Up Sole Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons

Biden administration to give Congress full classified briefing on Syria strikes by next week

Tim Kaine Demands Biden Explain ‘Offensive Military Action’ In Syria Without Congressional Approval

Democratic Congressman Calls Out Biden’s Airstrikes In Syria

Foreign Policy

US House Reintroduces Bill to Ban All Xinjiang Goods Made With Forced LaborH.R. 1155

House Republican calls on Biden to boycott Beijing OlympicsMomentum Grows


Pelosi, Who Claims to Oppose Gerrymandering, Funnels $300,000 to Democratic Gerrymandering Group

After Months Demanding Elections Not Be Questioned, Dems Move to Flip House Race GOP Won

Facts About Dems’ Voting Bill Revealed: Here Are the 4 Things They Want So Trump Never WinsH.R. 1

First Amendment

Letter on H.R. 1’s Harms to Speech and Assembly Rights

Rep. Chris Stewart: The Constitution alone isn’t enough to protect religious liberty

House Democrats Try Pressuring TV Carriers to Stop Hosting Fox, OANN, and NewsmaxCompares to CCP CensorshipFCC Commissioners Denounce

House Democrats press Facebook on role as a 'breeding ground for polarization', demand censorship

Congressmen File Resolution Condemning Big Tech’s Censorship of ‘The Daily Citizen’H.Res. 142

Calling on Congress to Act: Now is the time to strengthen America's right to a free press

Forty-Three Congressmen Introduce Resolution Honoring Rush LimbaughH.Res. 133

Second Amendment

Cheney & Bost Introduce The Veterans' Second Amendment Protection Act : Congresswoman Liz CheneyH.R. 1217

House Democrats Push Biden to Create ‘National Gun Violence’ Director

Homeland Security

Garland Says Capitol Riot Shows Domestic Terrorism Is Rising


Homeland Security plan would effectively abolish ICE


The CBO Has Steadily Lowered Expectations for the U.S. Economy

Federal Spending

Newly Released Economic Numbers Call Into Question the Need for $1.9T Stimulus Bill

Democrats’ $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Proposal Will ‘Destroy Jobs,’ Top House Republican Says

House Rules release new text of COVID-19 relief billH.R. 1319

Congressional spending: COVID relief, Non-Covid Spending Blowout, with another $1 trillion of your money on 'left-wing wish list'

What’s Hidden in Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill: GOP Study Committee

Cal Thomas: Take a Look at Some of the Worst Pork in the So-Called ‘COVID Relief Bill’

Democrat Coronavirus Relief Bill Will Force Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Kevin McCarthy slams COVID relief bill: Almost like Democrats 'want schools to stay closed'

Republicans: White House Won’t Negotiate on $1.9 Trillion Relief Package

Collins: Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus package won't get any GOP votes in Senate

Minimum wage hike out of order for COVID-19 relief bill, Senate parliamentarian rules

As announced earlier this week, Harris and White House refuse to rescue $15 wage from parliamentarian ax

Biden calls for 'quick action' in Senate on coronavirus relief package

Senate Democrats Turn to ‘Plan B’ After Minimum Wage Hike Crashes and BurnsRushed Senate Corporate-Tax Proposal Stokes Economists’ Concern

Schumer seeks to avoid last-minute changes to pass coronavirus bill: report

Pelosi Vows to Pass Minimum Wage Increase

Ocasio-Cortez, Progressives Challenge Biden—and the Senate's rules—on Minimum Wage Hike in Budget Bill

GOP Will Use ‘Every Tool In The Legislative Arsenal’ To Protect Hyde, Congressman Promises

Big Coalition of Anti-Earmark Advocacy Groups Warn Congress Against Return to ‘Business-as-Usual’‘So You’re Saying It’s Embarrassing’: CNN Anchor Presses Congressman On Special Earmarks In $1.9 Trillion Relief Bill

Monetary Policy

Beware Modern Monetary Theory's damaging potential

Fed reiterates plan for make-up inflation


Garland on the not-so-hot seatoutlines priorities if confirmed as attorney generalMcConnell supportsKen Starr supports

Tanden: Schumer looking for votesHugh Hewitt supportsCollins opposesRomney opposesGrassley opposesMurkowski undecidedTanden's odds plummetMean Tweets may take down Biden nominee

Becerra: McConnell: HHS nominee has violated federal conscience protection lawsSen. Hawley & Dannenfelser: radical views disqualify him for HHS post75 Members of Congress Urge Biden to Withdraw Nomination60 Pro-Life Leaders Urge Senate Rejection'No meaningful experience'

The Xavier Becerra HHS Hearings: What Congress Needs to KnowSenate Republicans Challenge HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra on Abortion RecordNominee Refuses to Name a Single Abortion Restriction That He SupportsConcerns raised about removing chemical abortion drug standardsWon’t Commit to Not Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions‘A Partisan Culture Warrior’: Senate Republicans Rip Becerra Nomination

The vast power of the HHS secretary and why ‘following the law’ is not as limiting in this position

Vivek: Surgeon general nominee’s financial entanglements draw scrutinyMultimillion Dollar Conflicts Are Cause for Concern

Levine: Sen. Paul asks transgender nominee about protecting minorsno specific answers given • Faithwire, Christian News

House Republicans Warn Biden About ‘Grave Risk’ of What the Left Is Pushing

Biden picks start to sink in 50-50 Senate


House Democrats push for largest court expansion in three decades


New Yorkers in Congress want facts on Cuomo COVID-19 nursing home debacle

Hyde-Smith renews effort to protect conscientious pro-life healthcare workers from discrimination

Commerce Policy

Semiconductor Shortage Leaves U.S. Lawmakers Seeking Elusive FixBiden, Schumer Rush to Confront Chip Shortage Idling Auto Plants

CA Dem Rep Floats Wage Plan, Says ‘We Don’t Want’ Small Businesses That Can’t Pay $15 Minimum Wage

Congressional Republicans Introduce National Right-to-Work Bill

Health Care Policy

Abortion Survivors Must Be Given a Fighting Chance at Life

Congress should establish a bipartisan commission to examine COVID-19

Technology Policy

Congress Must ‘Seize Moment’ to Reform Antitrust, Cicilline Says117th Congress launches antitrust agenda

The House’s three big ideas to take on tech power


Schumer: ‘No one expects the Capitol to remain a militarized zone in perpetuity’Pelosi’s security specialist recommendations may indicate otherwise

‘An Incredibly Fragile Majority’: CNN Reporter Highlights ‘Tension’ Among Senate Democrats

GOP members of Congress demand answers from FBI on Swalwell's ties to Chinese spy

Lauren Boebert becoming Democrats' most loathed House Republican

Big moment is here for Senate centrists to flex muscles

Democratic fury with GOP explodes in House

Pelosi: Dems want 1/6 commission focused on Capitol mob attack, ‘Domestic Terrorism’, rise in white supremacyMcConnell Questions Legitimacy of Pelosi’s Commission to Probe Capitol Breach (Full Speech) • Democratic Senator Breaks with Pelosi, Objects to Her Plans for ‘January 6th Commission’

House Republican attempts to appeal fine for bypassing metal detector outside chamber

Top Democrat in House Suggests Majority Has Never Embraced Socialism

Minimum wage setback revives progressive calls to nix Senate filibuster

Committee Activity

House Education and Labor Committee rejected amendment to coronavirus bill to prohibit more than $414 billion being used for abortions or plans that cover abortions

House committee starts process for dealing with two contested elections

Congress escalates pressure for more tech censorship

Interior Nominee Haaland Faces Heated Questioning at Hearing, says she supports Keystone XL pipeline shutdown

Neera Tanden committee votes abruptly delayed as Biden budget pick’s nomination in jeopardy

Senate Rules and Administration Committee summons Pentagon brass next week over response to Capitol attack

Top Democrat optimistic Colin Kahl, Pentagon policy nominee, will get 'fair shot' amid GOP opposition

Senate Small Business panel endorses Guzman to lead SBA

House panel eyes antitrust crackdown on Big Tech companies

Rep. Biggs Fact-Checks Dem Rep on the Spot After She Uses Hoax to Attack Trump

Budget Committee chair pledges to raise minimum wage: 'Hold me to it'

Floor Outlook

George Floyd police reform bill reintroduced in HouseH.R. 1280

Election and policing bills on House floor next weekH.R. 1, H.R. 1280

The long arm of 'Defund the Police'

Schumer: Education, Commerce secretary nominees on Senate floor next week

Schumer eyes infrastructure, tech as next priorities for Democrats

Democrats plan green infrastructure spending bill 'very soon' after $1.9T COVID spending package

Congressional Black Caucus unveils '100 Day Plan'

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