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Congress Update

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Related Headlines:

Senate Confirms Miguel Cardona For Education Secretary

Senate confirms Biden Commerce secretary pick Gina Raimondo

Senate declines to stop DC from allowing 11-year-olds to give their own consent for vaccinesS.J.Res. 7

Senate declines to request information on unspent funds from previous COVID billsS.Res. 88

House Narrowly Passes ‘George Floyd’ Police Reform BillH.R. 1280

House passes partisan election bill without bipartisan supportH.R. 1Here’s What’s In ItSticks Police with Massive Bill20 Republican AGs Point to ‘Constitutional Deficiencies’Would Suppress Free SpeechNullify, Nationalize State Election LawsWould Allow Justice Department To Demand Removal Of Social Media Posts

House Rejects Effort to Lower Federal Voting Age to 16H.Amdt. 22

Marjorie Taylor Greene's procedural maneuvers splitting House GOP

Senate Advances Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Relief Package, as VP Harris Casts Tiebreaking Vote (50-50)

GOP Senator Forces All 628 Pages of $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill to Be Read AloudRon Johnson grinds Senate to haltTook Senate Clerks Just Over 10 Hours To Read Out Loud

Senate rejects Sanders $15 minimum wage hike (42-58) • Senate deadlocked for hours Friday over unemployment insurance in the COVID-19 relief billlongest vote in history as Democrats scramble to save relief bill

McConnell makes failed bid to adjourn Senate after hours-long delay (49-50)

Senate GOP gets short-lived win on unemployment fight (50-49) • Senate Democrats vote to provide $300 unemployment benefits into September (50-49)

Republican Senators Introduce Pro-Life Amendments to COVID-Relief BillLankford statement • Senate rejects S.Amdt. 1031 (52-47)

Senate rejects Cruz effort to block stimulus checks for undocumented immigrants (49-50)

Democrats block Tuberville amendment barring federally funded schools from allowing biological males to compete in female sports (49-50)

Senate Democrats Reject All but 3 Republican Amendments — All Amendments

Senate approves sweeping coronavirus measure in partisan vote (50-49) • changes infuriate House Democrats

Foreign Policy

Senate Democrat: Saudi relationship being 'recalibrated'

Over 100 Congress members urge Biden admin. to strengthen US ties with Armenia

Congress must check Biden's risky Iran resetNew Bill Would Mandate Congress Approve Any Sanctions Relief for IranS. 488

House Republicans Press Biden to Get Tough on Cuba


Biden vows to work with Congress to 'refine' voting rights bill

First Amendment

House Democrats’ Attempt to Pressure TV Carriers Could Trigger Lawsuit: Dershowitz

Jim Jordan calls for House Judiciary hearing on 'cancel culture'

House Republicans Push Bill Aimed at Balancing LGBT Rights and Religious Freedom

Second Amendment

Gun violence prevention groups optimistic background check legislation can pass this Congress

Democratic-led Congress to try to pass gun control bill


House plans for immigration bills add uncertainty on Biden proposal

House Democrats introduce bill providing citizenship to Dreamers

Republicans call for hearing on Biden's handling of border surge

Rep. Lance Gooden To Send Letter To White House Urging Biden To Recognize Border Crisis

Federal Spending

Parliamentarian strikes down Pelosi priority in relief package, New York bridge also pulled

Here’s What’s in the Senate’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Legislation

Senate relief package earmarks $10B for global coronavirus response

Republican Governors Slam Democrats’ COVID Bill for ‘Penalizing’ Their States

Democrats’ COVID Relief Bill Will Spend Millions on Abortions, 9% on COVID Relief

Rand Paul claims victory in fight over PPP money to Planned Parenthood in Senate COVID relief billStatement

Biden Gets GOP Warning on Infrastructure: Expect to Pay for It


Susan Collins to back Haaland's Interior nomination

White House Pulls Nomination For Neera Tanden To Lead Budget OfficeWhite House Says No Announcement on Neera Tanden Replacement This WeekCBC 'unequivocally' endorses Shalanda Young for White House budget chief

President Biden’s War Powers Are Under Threat From A Bipartisan Senate BillBiden wants new war powers vote in Congress

Biden won't deliver speech to Congress until after vote on coronavirus bill, Psaki says


Christians Continue to Warn About Dangers of ‘Equality Act, including hidden abortion agenda5 Things To Know

Commerce Policy

House Democrats introduce sweeping climate change legislation reworked to match Biden goals

AOC: $15 Minimum Wage Is Too Low – It Should Be $24

Health Care Policy

The “Equality Act” erases religious freedom and medical judgment

Technology Policy

Klobuchar calls on Congress to get serious on tech reform

Congress-created commission calls for spending billions on artificial intelligence to defeat China

Facebook presses Congress on privacy


Yes, God’s Will Ought to be a Concern of Congress

Democrat Rita Hart Continues To Contest House Race Lost By Six Votes

Sources: ‘Conversations’ Pelosi Had With Sgt At Arms About National Guard Presence Factored Into ‘Blender Of Decision Making’ That Led Up To Riot

Threats to Lawmakers Have Nearly Doubled in 2021, Police Chief Says

Senate Chooses New Sergeant At ArmsSchumer speech

A new threat on the Capitol shakes up Congress

House Cancels Thursday Session After March 4 ‘True Inauguration Day’ Capitol Threat Warning

‘Politics At Its Worst’: Congressman Doubts March 4 Capitol Attack, Says Send Troops Back Home ‘After Today’‘Transparently Security Theater’

Capitol Police request Guard extension

Pentagon Receives Request to Extend National Guard Stay at Capitol

Pelosi warns of threat

Pelosi: National Guard to Stay at Capitol ‘As Long as They Are Needed’

Republican Rep. Asks Pelosi To Investigate ‘Tainted’ Food After National Guard Members Got Sick

Pelosi’s Left-Wing Security Czar Demands More Fencing, More Troops, And More Money For Capitol ‘Security’

17 House Judiciary Republicans Criticize Pelosi’s Pick to Lead Capitol Breach Review

FBI Monitoring Domestic Extremists Who Might Threaten Biden’s Speech to Congress

Katie Porter Is Going After Congressional Millionaires. Financial Disclosures Show She’s One Of Them.

Sullivan returns to Alaska for family funeral amid Senate debate

Committee Activity

Merrick Garland AG nomination advances to Senate floor

Becerra Confirmation Delayed By Split Committee Vote As Conservatives Ramp Up Pressure On Biden Nominee

Biden’s Interior Pick Squeaks Through Panel Amid Oil Ban Fears

Trade, Treasury nominees advanced by Senate Finance

Senators pepper State Department nominee with Iran questions

House Appropriations Committee Chief Makes Return of Earmarks Official; Every Congressman Gets 10

House Democrats launch investigation into One Medical's COVID vaccination practices

House Oversight panel reissues subpoena for Trump's accounting firm

Judge Sets June Hearing in Trump’s Effort to Keep Tax Returns Private From House Democrats

House subcommittee probes Texas power grid operator

House Panel Questions Opioid Companies on Using Tax Break

Floor Outlook

House Dems plan jam-packed legislative push

Pro-Union Bill on House Floor Next Week Would Shutter Businesses, Cause Widespread Layoffs, Key Business Groups Tell CongressH.R. 842

Senate: Cloture filed on Fudge for HUD and Garland for DOJ, votes Tuesday and Wednesday

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