Saturday, March 20, 2021

Congress Update

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Related Headlines:

Senate Confirms Trojan Horse Picks For Biden’s Radical Energy Agenda

Senate confirms Biden's pick to lead Small Business Administration

Senate Confirms Katherine Tai as Biden’s Top Trade Envoy

Senate Confirms Xavier Becerra As HHS Secretary

Senate confirms former diplomat William Burns as CIA director

Haaland officially bids farewell to U.S. HouseFull Speech

‘Life-Changing’: Schumer Urges Biden To Pay Out $50,000 In Debt For StudentsFull Speech

No. 2 Senate Democrat torches filibusterFull Speech

Clyburn rails against Senate filibuster on House floorFull Speech

McConnell: If Democrats Eliminate Filibuster the Senate Will Be ‘100-Car Pileup’ • “Even the most basic aspects of our colleagues' agenda, the most mundane tasks of the Biden Presidency, would actually be harder—harder—not easier for Democrats in a post-nuclear Senate that is 50-50, dead even.” • Says with a post-nuclear Senate Republicans “wouldn't just erase every liberal change that hurt the country. We would strengthen America with all kinds of conservative policies, with zero—zero—input from the other side. How about this: nationwide right-to-work for working Americans; defunding (abortion provider) Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities on day one; a whole new era of domestic energy production; sweeping new protections for conscience and the right to life of the unborn; concealed-carry reciprocity in all 50 States and the District of Columbia; and massive hardening of the security on our southern border.” — Full Speech

Warnock uses first Senate floor speech to urge Congress to pass voting rights legislationFull Speech

House Democrats Block Bill Requiring Testing Illegal Immigrants for COVIDMiller-Meeks floor speech

House Extends Small-Business Rescue, With $93 Billion Still LeftH.R. 1799

House passes bill reviving the Equal Rights AmendmentWould Create “Right” to Kill Babies in AbortionsRepublicans quote Ruth Bader Ginsburg on ERAH.J.Res. 17

House Reauthorizes Violence Against Women Act bill has new gun restrictions and transgender provisionsH.R. 1620 — The connection between the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and abortion

Congress honors Capitol Police with Congressional Gold MedalsH.R. 1085

Republican Study Committee Members spoke about the “self-inflicted crisis” on the southern border

McConnell: Pelosi trying to 'overturn a state-certified election' in IowaFull Speech

House Democrats Reject Removing Swalwell From Intelligence Committee Over Ties To Chinese SpyH.Res.243

House Passes 2 Immigration Bills As Border Crisis Intensifieswould give 3M 'Dreamers' and farmworkers pathway to citizenshipH.R. 6, H.R. 1603

National Security

Congress Presses Biden to Build Up Navy

Foreign Policy

Biden dispatches Senate Democrat to Ethiopia amid human rights concerns

Senator Warns Biden Admin Against Skirting Congress on New Iran Deal

Xinjiang forced labor complex is growing — President Biden should work with Congress to curb it


Pro-Life Group Opposes ERA: It Would Create a “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions

First Amendment

Equality Act Would Cancel Religious Freedom in America

Second Amendment

Feinstein Comes Back with New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban on 205 Popular Guns — Based on Scary Looks

Homeland Security

‘Dangerous Precedent:’ House GOP Leader Calls for Halt to Politicization of Military


Pelosi says there's a 'humanitarian challenge' at the border

Pelosi: 'Every minute' migrant children separated from parents 'a crisis'

House Republicans offer rebuttal to Biden immigration plan

GOP Congressmen: American Dream and Promise Act Sends Message That Illegal Immigration Will Be Rewarded

GOP Senators Allege Biden Broke Law With Border Wall Halt

Border surge scrambles Senate immigration debate

Congressman Proposes Sending National Guard Troops Stationed at Capitol to Southern Border

Federal Spending

House Republicans vote to support earmarks, drop decade-long opposition to earmarksFollowing Democrat Revival


Joe Biden Nominates Another Radical Feminist Who Wants to Make Americans Fund Abortions


Senate Democrats introduce bill to shield stimulus checks from debt collectors

Commerce Policy

How Congress Exacerbated Union Pension Crisis Under Guise of Coronavirus Relief

Technology Policy

Top House GOP caucus targets Section 230


House Committee: National Guard No Longer Needed at Capitol as Costs Increase • Fencing Around Capitol to Finally Be Scaled Back: ‘There Does Not Exist a Known, Credible Threat’

Pelosi Defends Push To Overturn Iowa House Race GOP Won: ‘Well, It Was Six Votes’Democrats angling to 'steal' House seat, GOP leader says • GOP Rep. Miller-Meeks Responds to Pelosi on Democrats’ Effort to Unseat Her • ‘We Can’t Be Concerned With Optics’: Democrats Continue Campaign To Overturn Iowa Congressional Election • Blue Dog Democrat troubled by House review that could overturn Iowa Republican's razor-thin election win • Republicans accuse Dem election lawyer of 'serious conflict of interest' in case to reverse Iowa House race

Schumer: Eliminating Filibuster ‘Will Be on the Table’ if Republicans Keep Voting No • McConnell: Schumer 'yielding to the pressure of the hard left' on filibuster • Schumer dismisses filibuster threat: 'McConnell is looking for a diversion' • Dick Morris: A Talking Filibuster Will Hurt the Dems • Filibuster fight looms as Biden leans in • Voting Rights Emerges as Key Fight for Changing the Filibuster • Filibuster reform might help Senate, but both parties must agree • Elizabeth Warren: Filibuster 'has deep roots in racism' • Legal expert dismisses 'absurd' Democratic claims filibuster is rooted in racism • Can this bipartisan group of senators find common ground?

Brave new world: Why we need a Senate Human Rights Commission

Congress must reassert its legislative authority

Cornyn, Cruz to lead Senate delegation to border next week

GOP leader calls out House Democrat for troop 'stunt'

McCarthy had COVID-19 last year

Watchdog Accuses Three House Democrats of Ethics Violations

Meet Jared Golden, the House Democrat who bucked Pelosi, voting against stimulus package, gun bill

As Teen, Byron Donalds Was Mugged at Gunpoint. He’s Now in Congress.

Here's who is leaving or has left Congress

Committee Activity

Ethics panel examining appeals of magnetometer fines for two GOP members

7 Takeaways From Senate Hearing on Supreme Court and private donations

Senate Committee Postpones Vote on Biden Pentagon Pick for Policy Chief

Transgender teen testifies before Congress on Equality Act • Female Athletes Denied Chance to Testify to Senate Panel About Equality Act • Highlights From Senate Hearing on Equality Act

Asian Americans 'screaming out for help' as abuse surges, US lawmakers told • ‘A Bullseye On The Back Of Asian Americans’: Democratic Rep. Grace Meng Gives Tearful Rebuke Of Rep. Chip Roy During House Hearing

Floor Outlook

Pelosi Kicks Off Infrastructure Debate, Teases ‘Big, Bold, and Transformational’ Package

Hoyer Says House Democrats Will Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill In Coming Months Amid Border Crisis

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