Saturday, April 3, 2021

Congress Update

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Foreign Policy

Cotton Statement on Chinese Sanctions Against U.S. Religious Freedom Group

Afghanistan Deadline is ‘Too Soon’ for Biden Administration, Top House Dem Says

Congress Failed Once to Use Its Power on Iran Nuclear Agreement. It Shouldn’t Fail Again.

Congress Weighs Countering China on Chips, Cost Makes GOP Wary


On Electoral Redistricting Panels, H.R. 1 Would Require Racial, Gender Discrimination

NH Democrat Blasts Pelosi Voting Reform Bill

First Amendment

13 States Sue Biden Admin Over ‘Egregious’ Power Grab Buried in COVID Relief Package

Second Amendment

Democrats Face Gun Legislation Dilemma as Support for House Background Check Bill Breaks Down 

Murphy, Toomey say commercial background check bill could pass Senate

House Democrats Ask Biden to Take Executive Action on ‘Concealable Assault-Style Firearms’


‘Cages Of Little Girls And Little Boys’: Senate Republicans Visit The Border, Detail ‘Inhumane’ Conditions

Former Chief Patrol Agents Write to Congress Asking for Help With Border Crisis

Lawmakers Resort to Bipartisan Bill Forcing Biden Admin’s Hand on Spiraling Border Crisis

Senate Republicans Call for Hearing on Border Crisis


Congressional Measure Calls Out Pharmaceutical Industry’s Reliance on China

Tax Policy

Democrats Weigh Capital Gains Tax Hike for Millionaires at Death (Inheritance tax)

SALT-Cap Foes Threaten Biden Tax Plan as Repeal Bid Gains Steam • Pelosi 'hopeful' Democrats can reform SALT tax in Biden infrastructure bill

Trump Says White House Infrastructure Plan Is ‘Largest Tax Hike in American History’

Federal Spending

Pelosi taps into Bay Area 1960s tradition with 'teach-ins' about coronavirus spending bill benefits

Psaki says White House will work with GOP on infrastructure bill as Dems prep to jam through on partisan vote • Plan Will Have 2 Parts

Schumer plots new way to bypass Republicans on Biden's third economic spending bill

21 Senate Democrats Urge Biden to Include Recurring Stimulus Checks in Infrastructure Plan

McConnell pans Biden's infrastructure plan as a 'major missed opportunity' • Portman slams Biden plan as 'wrong approach' • House Freedom Caucus chair objects

Biden $2.25 Trillion Jobs Plan Squeezed By All Sides in Congress

White House hopes to see infrastructure bill passed by summer

White House Wedges Pro-Union Provisions Into Infrastructure Plan

If EV rebates subsidize luxury cars, the Biden plan's already a bust


Congress looks to rein in Biden's war powers

House Democrats target HHS 'sunset' rule with Congressional Review Act

McConnell: Biden is 'first-rate person' leading 'left-wing administration'


Biden announces first slate of diverse judicial nominees, starts to fill in the bench, creates Supreme Court buzz with judicial nominees

Health Care Policy

Schumer Pushes Senate on Pot Legalization as States Leap Ahead

Technology Policy

GOP lawmakers press social media giants for data on impacts on children's mental health


National Guard Commander Nominated to Lead House Security as Sergeant-at-Arms

David Bossie: Pelosi and Dems have a new target in their quest for election control – Iowa Rep. Miller-Meeks • House Democrats Can Use Taxpayer Money to Overturn an Election • Psaki Says White House Agrees With Pelosi’s Effort To Steal Iowa House Seat • GOP opposition to Democratic voting legislation justifies overturning Iowa House election, lawyer says • House Republicans step up fight to stop Democrats grabbing Rep. Miller-Meeks’s Iowa seat • McCarthy calls on Pelosi to reject efforts to contest Iowa House race • Rep. Davis Rips ‘Height of Hypocrisy’ in Pelosi Moving to Unseat Iowa Republican • Trump’s Former Legal Team Slams Pelosi For Trying To Overturn Republicans’ Iowa Win • GOP invokes 1985 attack line in disputed Iowa House race • Democrat Rita Hart withdraws challenge in Iowa House raceConcedes To Republican Marianette Miller-Meeks

Biden Describes Filibuster as a ‘Jim Crow Relic,’ Here’s Which Side Used It the Most Last Year: Report

Gaetz Under Investigation for Possible Sex Crimes • GOP leader says Gaetz would lose committee seat if charges true • Pelosi says Ethics Committee should investigate Gaetz • Republicans quietly say Gaetz's days in Congress are numbered

Gohmert loses appeal of fine for bypassing House chamber metal detector • $5,000 Metal Detector Fine for Republican Congressman Upheld by Ethics Committee

Nancy Pelosi Denies Pastor Permit to Pray on Capitol Grounds for Good Friday Prayer Vigil

Police officer killed on Good Friday in car-ramming attack on US CapitolPelosi, Schumer speak with family of officer killed in Capitol attack • Pelosi orders Capitol flags at half-staff to honor slain officer • Biden orders White House flags flown at half-staff after Capitol attack • Capitol attack suspect identified as Louis Farrakhan follower, Noah Green

Committee Activity

9 Highlights From Senate Hearing on Federal Takeover of Elections

Puerto Rico’s Dueling Territorial Status Bills to Get Hearing

Floor Outlook

Freedom Caucus leader plots floor procedure delay war against House Democrats

Schumer pledges swift confirmation of Biden judges

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