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Congress Update

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Monday, 4/19

House votes to condemn Chinese government over Hong KongOngoing Suppression — H.Res. 130

House Passes Marijuana Banking Bill With Bipartisan Support — H.R. 1996

Tuesday, 4/20

Democrats adopting rule to limit Freedom Caucus delay tactics

House rejects GOP resolution to censure Waters over Remarks on Chauvin Trial — H.Res. 331, 216-210

54-45, Senate confirmed the nomination of Gary Gensler, of Maryland, to be a Member of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Senate Overwhelmingly Confirms Lisa Monaco To Be Deputy Attorney GeneralNo. 2 official at DOJ — 98-2

House Democrats Block Consideration Of Bipartisan Immigration BillH.R. 2321

Wednesday, 4/21

Schumer: US “must invest in the technologies of the future to outcompete China”

Senate confirms Vanita Gupta for No. 3 spot at Justice Department in narrow vote — 51-49

House votes to extend ban on fentanyl-like substances — H.R. 2630

Harris casts tiebreaking vote to advance Biden nominee — 50-50, Senate agreed to the nomination of the Motion to Discharge Colin Hackett Kahl to be Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from the Committee on Armed Services.

House Passes Another Democrat Attempt to Limit Executive Power for Issuing Travel Bans — H.R. 1333

Thursday, 4/22

House approves bill to make DC a state — H.R. 51

Senate declines to pass the CRUISE ActS. 1105

On the same day a House Member described the Senate filibuster as “a death grip on our democracy,” Senate Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) was rejoicing in the abundance of bipartisan regular order in the Senate: “We are marking up bipartisan bills in committee and considering bipartisan amendments here on the floor. We have just seen this back process play out on the anti-Asian hate crimes bill this week, and next week we are going to follow it up with a water infrastructure bill that is also thoroughly bipartisan.”

Senate passes anti-Asian hate crimes bill — S. 937 — 94-1
• 49-48, Senate rejected Cruz Amdt. No. 1456; To prohibit Federal funding for any institution of higher education that discriminates against Asian Americans in recruitment, applicant review, or admissions.
• 49-48, Senate rejected Lee Amdt. No. 1425; To require a report on State restrictions on religious exercise during the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Security

HASC Chair: White House Is Slow-Rolling Defense Budget Details

Sens. Rubio, Cruz Unveil Bill to Block Foreign Adversaries From Purchasing Land Near Military Bases

Foreign Policy

Linking abortion to climate change

Congressional GOP Introduces Package of Iran Sanctions

Homeland Security

Reps. Roy, Herrell move to force House vote on extending border restrictions


Congress Being Kept in the Dark on Destination Cities of Illegal Immigrants

Tax Policy

'Tone down a bit': Clyburn cautions Democrats threatening to derail tax plan over SALT cap • Urges Scrutiny of Impact of Lifting SALT Cap

Biden Aims at Top 0.3% With Bid to Tax Capital Gains Like Wages • Considers Raising Capital Gains Tax To Nearly 44% • Will Seek Temporary Child Credit Boost

Federal Spending

Harris says 'hard work' ahead to get infrastructure package through Congress • Senate GOP crafts outlines for infrastructure counter proposal • GOP senators unveil $568 billion infrastructure counteroffer • White House sees GOP infrastructure proposal as legitimate starting point • Manchin Urges Focus on ‘Conventional’ Infrastructure

Senate Republicans uphold symbolic ban on earmarks • Are Free to Request Earmarks


Over 100 GOP Lawmakers Warn of ‘Dire Consequences’ as Biden Admin Pushes Abortion by Mail

Grassley places hold on Powers nomination over indications the Obama Administration ‘worked through back channels’ to sidestep sanctions against terrorist funding

After withdrawal of Texas Medicaid waiver, Cornyn places hold on Biden Medicaid nominee

Conservative House members call on Senate to oppose ATF nominee


Red State AGs Hit Back at Dems’ Attempt to Pack Supreme Court

McConnell vents over media not covering Supreme Court Justices' view of Supreme Court packing

Introduced: S.Res. 164: Expressing the sense of the Senate that the number of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States should remain at 9

GOP state attorneys general urge Biden, Congress not to expand Supreme Court


House Republicans Push for Vote on Born Alive Bill • Nancy Pelosi Continues Blocking Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

Biden, Harris Call On Senate To Pass George Floyd Justice in Policing Act That Combats ‘Systemic Racism’ In America

Chauvin conviction puts renewed focus on police reform • gives Congress momentum to end gridlock on police reform

Commerce Policy

Bipartisan Senate group announces support for ban on big cat ownership

House Republicans Outline Their Stance on Climate Change and Clean Energy

Democrat Releases Energy Plan as Alternative to Biden Outline

Health Care Policy

Pelosi pushes for drug pricing measure amid uncertainty from White House

Technology Policy

Chinese-Made Drones in US Are Spying on Us

Congress is diving into the App Store fight

Congress resurrects push to allow thousands more autonomous vehicles on the road

Tesla is being scrutinized by Senate Democrats for Autopilot misuse


Pelosi: Congress Needs to Investigate Jan. 6 Capitol Breach • renews call for congressional commission to investigate Capitol riot • must focus only on insurrection

Third House GOP lawmaker issued $5,000 metal detector fine • Top House Dem Clyburn fined $5K for metal detector violation • Republican Congressman Alleged House Speaker Bypassed Security ScreeningHouse metal detector fines ensnaring Republicans and a top DemocratGeorgia Republican calls on Pelosi and Clyburn to join planned lawsuit against on metal detectors

Tensions rise as Democrats face Senate bottleneck on agenda • Far-left House Democrats vent frustration at Senate counterparts • House Dems slam 'racist' filibuster blocking 'everything we love,' say Americans 'do not care about procedure' • Sen. Graham Supports Denying Quorum If Democrats End Filibuster

Detroit Police Chief Fires Back at Rep. Tlaib After Her Racism Accusations • ‘Squad’ Members Paid Thousands for Security While Calling for Defunded Police

FBI Designated 2017 Baseball Field Shooting as ‘Suicide by Cop’: Congress Members

Senate Resolution 170—Relating to the death of Walter Frederick Mondale, former Vice President of the United States

House to allow members, staff to bring some visitors back to Capitol

Committee Activity

Momentum Grows in Congress for Legislation Confronting China • Senate panel greenlights sweeping China policy bill • ‘Diplomatic Boycott’ of Beijing Olympics Added to Bill • Bill Orders Assessment Into Lab Leak Theory

Rep. Nadler Pulls House Democrats’ ‘COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act’ From Consideration

Parties battle over 'Jim Crow' label ahead of Senate hearing on new Georgia voting law • Senate Hearing Pushes Odious ‘Jim Crow’ Comparisons to Cement Liberal Power • 6 Key Points From Senate Democrats’ Hearing on ‘Jim Crow 2021’ • Stacey Abrams Spars With Republicans Over Whether Georgia’s Elections Law Is Racist During Senate Hearing • Fact-Checking 3 Claims From Senate Hearing on Voting

Axing ‘SALT’ limit would widen income gap, witness tells panel

Apple and Google Grilled at Senate Hearing on App Store Competition

Senate panel to hold first hearing on Biden court picks next week

Modernization Committee eyes accountability and new proposals

Floor Outlook

President Joe Biden address to Congress to feature fewer attendees, no first lady's box • COVID protocols limiting audience to about 200 in room that can hold  1,100 • Biden to use address to Congress to lay out plans for child care, police reform

Senator Tim Scott to present Reublican response to Biden's joint session speech to Congress

Schumer: Senate to vote on reimposing methane regulations next week

Schumer: Bill coming to end federal marijuana prohibition

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