Saturday, April 10, 2021

Congress Update

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H.Con.Res. 27: The remains of the late United States Capitol Police Officer William F. Evans shall be permitted to lie in honor in the rotunda of the Capitol on April 13, 2021.

National Security

Biden Proposes $715 Billion Defense BudgetSenate GOP notes increase smaller than proposed nondefense spending

Foreign Policy

Senate Republicans voice opposition to Biden on Iran

GOP Senators Introduce Bill Targeting Communist China’s Influence at American Colleges

Senate Preps Bill To Check China’s ‘Aggressive And Assertive Behavior’

GOP Puts Biden Admin on Notice: Congress Not Bound By New Iran Deal


Congressman Drafting Bill to Yank MLB’s Antitrust Exemption Over Political All-Star Game Move

McConnell: Corporations shouldn't fall for disinformation on voting laws

Branding Georgia Election Law, Senate Filibuster ‘Racist’ Is Vile Tactic to Justify HR 1 • Firebrands Get Path to Campaign Cash in Democratic Election Bill

Second Amendment

Biden Falsely Claims Gun Makers Have ‘Legal Immunity’ • Biden Unveils Executive Gun Control Orders, Calls On Congress To Go Further • White House Says More Gun Control Action Coming: ‘This Is the Beginning’

Sen. Schumer, Arbiter of Evil, Hangs Sinful Label on Firearm Retailers


House GOP Leader Seeks Classified Briefing After Terror Suspects Apprehended at Border

Speaker Pelosi Says ‘We’re On A Good Path At The Border’ Under President Biden


Biden's first budget fuels health, education spending in sharp change from Trump

Budget battles brewing

Tax Policy

Senate Democrats Propose Changes to Raise Revenue and Discourage Offshoring

Congressional Democrats block tax relief

Federal Spending

Senate Parliamentarian Lets Democrats Use Reconciliation Process on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan • Schumer gets his game changer • Will he use it? • Energy secretary suggests White House is open to passing infrastructure bill through reconciliation • Five ways an obscure Senate ruling could change Washington

White House Willing to Negotiate Corporate Tax Rate, but Holding Firm on ‘Big’ Infrastructure Bill • White House Wedges Pro-Union Provisions Into Infrastructure Plan • Spending Free For All: Paid Family And Medical Leave Is Infrastructure According To House Democrats • Progressives’ wishlist for the infrastructure billIncludes Bolstering Immigration, Housing, Medicaid • Could Boost Pelosi’s Investment Portfolio

Biden Meeting Monday to Test Support for Spending Plan in Congress


House pushes back as DOJ proposes delay in McGahn subpoena case


Joe Biden Takes First Step in Packing Supreme Court With Liberal Activists

Progressives give Biden's court reform panel mixed reviews

McConnell, GOP slam Biden's executive order on SCOTUS


Budget Would Force Americans to Give Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood $340 Million More

Commerce Policy

House GOP Planning Climate Package to Counter Democrats

The ‘No Vaccine Passports Act’ Has Officially Been Introduced in Congress

Health Care Policy

House GOPers Seek Missing Nursing Home Deaths Data, Suspect Coverup in Five States

GOP Congressman Says Fauci Needs To Answer For Why His Agency Bypassed Oversight Of Funding To Wuhan Lab

Biden credits McConnell for urging Republicans to get vaccinated

Technology Policy

Facebook, Twitter Campaign Donations Overwhelmingly Go to Democrats on Oversight Panels, Group Finds

Clarence Thomas really wants Congress to regulate Twitter moderation

Apple refuses request to testify for Senate app store hearing • Draws Ire From Senators


Schumer: Car attack underscores need for Congress to 'address security at the Capitol'

As Farrakhan Follower Leaves Officer Dead in Bloody Attack, It’s Time for Democrats to Answer for Their Support of the Racist Radical

Alcee Hastings, longtime Florida Democratic House member, dies at 84 • Leaves Seat Vacant • Pelosi mourns Hastings as 'champion for the most vulnerable in our nation'

Fitzpatrick replaces Tom Reed as House Problem Solvers co-chair

Manchin Vows to Uphold Filibuster, Complicating Biden’s Agenda • gives warning on Schumer's go-it-alone strategy

Matt Gaetz’s Female Staffers Release Statement Defending The Congressman Amid Sexual Allegations Scandal

Committee Activity

House panel investigating YouTube for advertising practices on kids' platform

Sherrod Brown Seeks Answers From Banks Linked to Archegos

House Ethics Committee opens probe into Gaetz

House panel opens probe into Tom Reed over sexual misconduct allegations

Slavery Reparations Study Set for House Judiciary Markupand vote

Floor Outlook

Schumer says Senate will move ahead on marijuana legalization, Regardless of Biden’s Stance

House to vote on DC statehood, gender pay gap, during week of April 19

Pelosi Sees Separate Bills for Biden Jobs and Families Plans • wants infrastructure bill done by August

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