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Congress Update

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Senate confirms Justice Department official, Army Secretary, top scientist

Senate Armed Services chair throws support behind changing roles of military commanders in sexual assault prosecutions • Democratic feud erupts over scope of military sexual assault bill • spills onto Senate floor • Democratic Chairman Blocks Bipartisan Military Sexual Assault Reform — Debate: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday — Iowa Republican Joni Ernst, a sexual assault survivor, calls for military justice reform

Senate passes bill requiring declassification of information on COVID-19 originsS. 1867

Senate Unanimously Passes Amendment Banning Funding of Virus Gain-of-Function Research In China — S.Amdt. 2003

Senate fails to prohibit funds for research involving aborted fetal tissue or embryo destructionS.Amdt. 1891 — Text, Debate, Vote

Senate Votes Down Amendment That Would Have Banned Certain Human-Animal Hybrid Experiments, An Affront To Human LifeS.Amdt. 1771 — Text, Debate, Vote

Senate Adopts Amendment That Slashes Tariffs on Hundreds of Chinese Imports to USS.Amdt. 1562

Senate Advances China Competition Bill After Multi-Hour Deliberations Secure GOP SupportS. 1260

Introduced: S.Res. 246, Expressing the sense of the Senate that Critical Race Theory serves as a prejudicial ideological tool, rather than an educational tool, and should not be taught in K-12 classrooms as a way to teach students to judge individuals based on sex, race, ethnicity, or national origin

Introduced: S.Res. 250, Condemning the rise in anti-Semitism incidents globally since terrorists in the Gaza Strip triggered several days of violence against Israel on May 10, 2021

Schumer and Collins appear to have heated exchange before Jan. 6 vote • Republicans Block January 6 Commission • Senate reaches deal to get out of town after Jan. 6 commission vote

Senate agrees to resolution urging probe into COVID-19 originsS.Res. 256

National Security

House Republicans demand action against 'left-wing extremism' in military

Foreign Policy

House Republicans Warn Biden Against Aid Cuts to Israel • House Dems Reject Measure To Boost Israeli Security Aid

Senate Republicans Move to Mandate Congressional Approval for New Iran Deal • House Republicans Probe Biden Admin for Ignoring Syria Sanctions To Appease Iran

Ranking Member of House Foreign Affairs Committee: ‘WHO Must Ignore the CCP’s Attempts to Sideline Taiwan

Meeks introduces legislation to boost American diplomacy to counter China

House Republicans demand congressional probe into COVID-19 origin • With Trump Out of White House, Media Suddenly Finds ‘Lab Leak Theory’ Plausible • Key House Democrat Supports Committee Probe of CCP Virus Origins • GOP lawmaker proposes select committee to investigate COVID-19 origins


Senate Unveils Post Office Reform Bill — S. 1720

The campaign for D.C. statehood just got a big boost

Another Bill in Congress to Give Partisan Bureaucrats Control Over State Election Laws — H.R. 4

Second Amendment

USCCA Commends Effort in Congress to Advance National Concealed Carry Reciprocity — H.R. 38

Gun Rights Activist Tells Congress Education Can Reduce Shootings, Not More Laws

21 States Send Letter Opposing Biden’s ‘Radical’ ATF Nominee To Senate Leaders • ATF nominee tells lawmakers he supports AR-15 ban

A quiet bipartisan effort on background checks may be on the verge of a deal

Senate Majority Leader Schumer: “Senate will move forward on gun safety legislation”

Homeland Security

At Border, This Congresswoman Met a Girl Who Was Gang-Raped by Drug Runners

House Republicans Demand Answers on Border Crisis


Why Are We Stuck on Amnesty? How the Reagan Revolution Solidified Divisions on Immigration


Biden's $6 Trillion Budget Calls for adding $1.3 Trillion to the National Debt every year for a decade

Joe Biden’s Budget Kills Hyde Amendment, Forces Taxpayers to Fund Killing Babies in Abortions

Tax Policy

Biden Tax Hikes Are Hitting Resistance, With ‘No Room for Error’

Federal Spending

White House sends positive signal on GOP infrastructure proposal • McConnell: Republicans 'open to spending more' on infrastructure • Senate GOP makes $928 billion infrastructure counteroffer to Biden • Senate Republicans warn Biden against using reconciliation for infrastructure

Sanders slams Schumer plan to boost semiconductor industry

Congressional Campaign to Remove Confederate Names Targets Hundreds of Military Sites

Congressman ‘Forgot’ to Cast Proxy Vote That Could Have Stopped Democrat-Backed $1.9B Capitol Security Spending Bill

Pork-barrel earmarks begin to poison Washington

Monetary Policy

Toomey hits Fed over 'obsession with race' • requests info from Fed bank leaders about 'woke' initiatives • Senate Republicans Expand Investigation Into ‘Woke Mission Creep’ Of Federal Reserve


Minority Employees Slam House Democrats Plan To Boost Diversity at State Department

Biden Asks for More Time on Decision to Release Trump Taxes

Jewish House Democrats Urge Biden to Appoint Anti-Semitism Ambassador


Congress misses Biden's deadline on police reform

New Members of Congress Sign Petition to Force Nancy Pelosi to Allow Vote on Anti-Infanticide Bill

700 Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Their Advocates Urge Congress to Investigate Pornhub

Commerce Policy

Rubio calls on Wall Street to stop 'enabling communist China' — S.Amdt. 1984

Sweeping Bill to Counter China Introduced in US House — H.R. 3524

Josh Hawley Objects To Jeff Bezos’s $10 Billion Senate Bailout, MGM Purchase

Democrats Push Bill That Would Change the Face of College Sports Forever — S. 1929

Health Care Policy

Democrats announce plan to begin crafting public option insurance bill

House Freedom Caucus asks CDC Director if Pelosi consulted them about Mask Mandate

Top Senate Republican says 'structural reforms' needed at CDC for next health threat


Finally gone: National Guard leaves Capitol after four-month deployment • mission cost $521M • lawmakers feud over protection needs, costs

Schiff: If Senate Blocks Jan. 6 Commission Bill, Dems Will Get Answers ‘One Way or the Other’ • Democrats Dismiss Complaint Against Zoe Lofgren Without Investigation After GOP’s Claims She Broke House Rules insinuating Congressional Republicans were involved in the Capitol riot

Dems Claim New Threats Are Coming, Beg for More Personal Security Funding

Abortion Activist Almost Runs Over Pro-Life Congresswoman Praying Outside Abortion Center

Lawmakers rack up fines under a wave of safety rules imposed by House Democrats • Sixth House member issued $5,000 security screening fine • Republican Rep. Appeals $500 Pelosi Fine For Not Wearing A Mask On House Floor • Fifth House Republican snagged by metal detector fine

House Democrat says she sleeps with gun nearby after clashing with El Salvador's president

McConnell, Schumer blast Greene remarks on Holocaust • House Republican offers flowchart for Marjorie Taylor Greene • House Democrat drafting resolution to censure Greene over Holocaust comments

PSA for US Congresspeople: Please do not enter your phone’s passcode on TV

Senators remember Senator John Warner: Schumer, McConnell, Virginia Senators and Chairman Reed — S.Res. 258

Committee Activity

Congress takes aim again at pharmaceutical giant over patent-stacking for brand-name drugs

Hearing on Voter ID Laws

Senate Committee Releases Bipartisan $304 Billion Surface Transportation Bill

U.S. Bank CEOs Testify Before Senate Banking Committee

Sen. Warren, Jamie Dimon spar over overdraft fees at Senate hearing • Bank CEOs Blistered by Senate’s Brown to Do More for Public

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Testifies on the 2022 Budget

Lawmakers request investigation into Postal Service's social media covert operations program

Senate antitrust committee announces round of hearings

SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman Testifies on the President's 2022 Budget Request

Senate Committee Advanced Biden Intelligence Nominee Who Worked For Huawei

Biden’s Tax Hike Push Will Depend on This ‘Insider’s Insider’: House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal

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