Saturday, June 5, 2021

Congress Update

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Related Headlines:

Last week: Senate Dems Confirm Anti-Israel Activist To Top Spot at US Postal Service


West Virginia County Clerk’s Association explains opposition to For the People Act — S. 1H.R. 1

President Biden tasks VP Harris to lead Dems in voting rights bill push in Congress

Democratic divisions threaten Biden's voting push

Manchin to meet with NAACP next week to discuss voting rights

Second Amendment

Miami police chief calls on Congress to pass background check database after mass shooting

Fourth Amendment

‘No Vaccine Passports Act’ Bill Introduced in Senate: Cruz


DHS IG Tells Sen. Blackburn Agency ‘Considering’ Her Concerns Over $86.9 Million Contract To House Illegal Immigrants

Tax Policy

Biden floats infrastructure, tax concessions to GOP

Biden Opposed to Gas Tax Hikes: White House

Federal Spending

Bipartisan opposition to extra $10B for 2nd place space exploration bidder • Bernie vs. Blue Origin — S.Amdt. 1925

We are in the infrastructure red zone

New coalition lobbies Congress on 'smarter' infrastructure

Biden calls for the government to buy from black-owned businesses and for infrastructure targeted at minority-majority areas

Joe Biden Wants to Overturn Hyde Amendment That Has Saved 2.5 Million Babies From Abortions

Lawmakers want to help states with cybersecurity efforts


Gillibrand says Schumer should bring military sexual assault bill up for a vote • Military leaders wary of changes in sexual assault policy • Sexual minorities at higher risk

McConnell signals concern over changes to qualified immunity in police reform

Commerce Policy

Senate climate advocates start digging in on infrastructure goals

Health Care Policy

GOP Reps Introduce Bill to Investigate HHS Failure to Review Grant to Wuhan Lab

Email Revelations Mean 'It Is Now Imperative' That Fauci Testify, House Republicans Say

NIH Leaders Refuse to Testify Publicly


Antifa Radicals Vandalize Pro-Life Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s Home

Pelosi floats Democrat-led investigation of Jan. 6 as commission alternative

Progressives ramp up pressure on Schumer to nix filibuster — Letter

Sinema says fix to Senate gridlock is to 'change your behavior' rather than abolish filibuster

House lawmakers extend special rules allowing remote voting beyond pandemic

The unofficial thought leader of House Republicans: Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, 41, chairman of the Republican Study Committee

Bill Clinger, 'power broker' during time in U.S. House, dies

Committee Activity

6 Key Points From House Democrats’ Voter Discrimination Hearing

House Agriculture chairman, farm-state Democrats object to Biden inheritance tax plan

Finance chair investigating drugmaker AbbVie’s tax strategy

June 8: Colonial Pipeline CEO before Senate Committee about east coast gas shutdown hack

Belarusian human rights activist Tsikhanouskaya invited to speak before US Senate Foreign Relations Committee in June

Floor Outlook

Senate Bill intended to counter China’s influence

Schumer to Force Senate Vote on Sweeping Election Reform Bill

Democrats, Converted to Filibuster Foes, Are Set to Force the Issue

Senate Democrats to test filibuster in June with election reform and equal pay legislation

Schumer Prepares for Summer of Confrontation With Republicans

Parliamentarian changes Senate calculus for Biden agenda

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