Saturday, July 10, 2021

Congress Update

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Prayers — Committee Reports

First Amendment

Supreme Court decision amps up voting rights battle in Congress

Second Amendment

Moderate Senate Dems still undecided on Biden's ATF pick, nomination at risk

3D Printed ‘Gun Safety’ Act Reintroduced In Congress — H.R. 4225

Homeland Security

Bipartisan Group of 75 House Members Calls on Biden to Reopen US–Canada Border

Federal Spending

Blackburn, Colleagues Reintroduce the Protecting Life and Taxpayers Act — S. 2270

Sanders Takes Reins as Democrats Advance Biden Economic Agenda

Key GOP Senator Calls for Emergency Funding for Capitol Police

Problem Solvers Caucus backs bipartisan infrastructure deal

Democrat Warns of Vote Against Budget Bill Without Immigration


Moderate Senate Dems still undecided on Biden's ATF pick, nomination at risk


2 Final Supreme Court rulings invite new court-packing chatter on the Left, but Senate votes are lacking

Debunking 4 Claims the Radical Left Uses to Justify Their Supreme Court Coup

Technology Policy

House Republicans Outline Their Antitrust Agenda for Tech Giants

Education Policy

House Bill Would Penalize Colleges That Fail to Report Foreign Funding — H.R. 4264


US Capitol Police to add offices in California, Florida for congressional protectionto Investigate Threats Against Congress Members • GOP Congresswoman Carrying a Gun ‘Every Day’ After Death Threats, Vandalism at Her Home • Fences come down at the Capitol

Capitol riot's unanswered questions six months on • What Pelosi’s select committee is likely to investigate • Stoic or scorched-earth? McCarthy’s Jan. 6 choice • Why are uniformed, armed Capitol Police lobbying members of Congress?

Sinema emerges as Senate dealmaker amid progressive angst

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