Saturday, August 7, 2021

Congress Update

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Legislative Session

H.R. 3684 (Outline of S.Amdt. 2137) — Amendments

Senate rejects measure to restart border wall

Unanimous Consent

Senate passes bill to award congressional gold medal to Capitol Police

Senate declined to require inflationary impact statements in committee reports

Senate declined to confirm two DHS nominations

National Security

Top House Dems to Biden: Close Guantanamo 'once and for all'

AUMFs Are Overdue for Repeal

Foreign Policy

Congress must fix UNRWA’s Hamas problem

Second Amendment

Senate Republicans Demand New Hearing for Biden ATF Nominee Over ‘Racist’ Remark

Biden's ATF nominee on shaky ground in Senate


House GOP Bill Targets Border Crisis — H.R. 4828

Speaker Pelosi Supports Democrats Passing Immigration Reform Without GOP Votes

Tax Policy

Top Senate Democrat Targets Derivatives Investors in Tax Bill

Federal Spending

Treasury Department Invokes ‘Extraordinary Measures’ To Avoid Busting US Debt Ceiling

Infrastructure, bipartisan bill:
Infrastructure bill has landed, bumpy road remains • Senators introduce $1.2 trillion deal after weekend session • 9 Things to Know • CBO Score • bill adds $256 billion to deficit • Will the Funding Proposal Actually Work? • Factbox: What's in it • billions for broadband • Imposes Costs, Burdens on Broadband Providers • The Good and Bad of the Broadband Infrastructure Package • includes $1B for commission run by Manchin’s wife • Many Republicans mobilizing against • awful ‘infrastructure’ bill • Mike Lee: legislation spends $1.2 trillion; $550 billion refers to the new spending • Gives Feds Go-Ahead to Test Taxing Every Mile Americans Drive • Congress Continues Spending Spree • Amendment offered to block chemical tax • escalates climate change clash •  Doom for Residential Natural Gas? • Needless Expansion in Subsidies • An Infrastructure Bill We Don’t Need • Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure push enters its final stage

Energy policy ≠ Infrastructure policy

Infrastructure, reconciliation bill:
Senate Energy panel's share

Monetary Policy

SEC chair calls for more power to regulate 'Wild West' of cryptocurrencies

Democrats not all on same page with inflation messaging


House Republicans Slam Treasury Secretary for Avoiding Oversight

Senate Banking Committee Republicans urge Biden to withdraw nominees who backed 'defunding' police • Democrats downplay HUD nominees’ retweets on defunding police

Trump’s Tax Returns Must be Released to Congress: Department of Justice • Trump objects • Asks Court Not To Release Tax Returns To Congress


The Right—and Wrong—path for new Judgeship Legislation

News on possible New Judgeships — S. 2535H.R. 4885


Elizabeth Warren: Killing Babies in Abortion Protects the “Functioning of Our Democracy”

‘Truly The End Of Female Sports’: Athletes And Congresswomen Fight Transgender Takeover

Health Care Policy

Republicans on House Science Committee Urge Probe Into CCP Virus Origins • Wuhan Scientists Genetically Manipulated Coronavirus, Congressional Report Says

Pelosi’s Office Silent on Action to Determine Origins of COVID-19

Senate Republicans Release Contents of Redacted Fauci Email on Chinese Lab

Technology Policy

Senate tackles deepfakes • Portman, Peters Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Create Task Force at DHS to Combat Deepfakes — S. 2559

Education Policy

Senate mulls a path to universal pre-K

House Democrats’ attack on charter schools


Manchin 'can't imagine' supporting change to filibuster for voting rights

Representatives Go on Offensive Against Pelosi’s Mask Rule, Cite 27th Amendment. Will It Work?

AOC Shuns Pelosi’s Mask Mandate

Anger as top US Republican jokes about hitting Nancy Pelosi

Fully vaccinated Lindsey Graham tests positive for COVID-19

Another Fully Vaccinated Member Of Congress Tests Positive For COVID-19

Committee Activity

Senate Education Committee Deadlocks on Biden’s Pick to Head Education Civil Rights Office

Senate panel advances Biden's ICE nominee

Senate panel advances first three spending bills

Senate report says agencies including Homeland Security and State have substandard cybersecurity measures

Kinzinger: Jan. 6 Committee Could Subpoena House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy • Jan. 6 panel's top staffer facing calls to resign

Floor Outlook


Republicans to refuse to vote for debt ceiling increase to allow massive spending increase — McConnell speech

Senate will, Lord willing, consider measure to revoke 2002 war powers in Iraq • Kaine says he has votes to pass Iraq War repeal in Senate

Senate Dems eye another vote this month on their stalled elections overhaul • before August recess

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