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Congress Update

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Senate — Daily Leader Remarks • Actions begunpasseddeclinedsummarized

Executive Session

Senate Confirms Navy SecretaryBiden's first ambassador

Legislative Session

H.R. 3684 — A bill to authorize funds for Federal-aid highways
• Senate passes $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill • crypto worries loom

S.Con.Res. 14: Budget Reconciliation Resolution
• Senate Democrats approve budget resolution, teeing up $3.5T spending plan • Democrats recommend $45 trillion in debt within 10 years • Senate Republicans force Dems to vote on CRT, fracking, abortion and more in marathon 'vote-a-rama' • US Senate passes budget amendment to prevent taxpayer funding of abortions (S.Amdt. 3792) • Democrats Defeat Amendment to Stop Tax-Funded Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome (S.Amdt. 3331) • Democrats Block Amendment Banning Late-Term Abortions, Stopping Abortions Up to Birth (S.Amdt. 3758) • Senate Unanimously Votes Against Defunding The Police (S.Amdt. 3113) • 'This is a gift': Cory Booker enthusiastically endorses • Senate Democrats Vote To Keep Anti-Science School Closures (S.Amdt. 3073) • Senate Democrats show their support for critical race theory (S.Amdt. 3680) • Gun Control in Bernie Sanders’ Budget Resolution

Senate Advances Sweeping Election Reform Bill in Partisan Vote

Unanimous Consent

Senate agrees to award Congressional Gold Medal to Harlem HellfightersH.R. 3642

Cruz blocks Biden's State Department nominees over Nordstream 2 pipeline, compares pipeline policy to “giving away the Panama Canal” — Floor Debate

Sen. Ted Cruz blocks election legislation during all-nighter in U.S. SenateFloor Debate

National Security

Is the Woke U.S. Military Going the Way of 1940’s France?

Foreign Policy

Introduced: Senate Resolution 344—Expressing support for the State of Israel joining the African Union under observer status

Introduced: Senate Resolution 345—Expressing the sense of the Senate on the political situation in Belarus


Democrats not giving up on changing voting laws ahead of 2022

First Amendment

Nancy Pelosi has pro-life Americans protesting the plan to federally fund abortions arrested, a week after the same kind of protests over evictions

Second Amendment

Biden’s ATF Nominee Talked Guns On A Chinese Propaganda Network, Failed To Tell The Senate • Senate Judiciary Chairman Denies Second Hearing on ATF Nominee, Attacks Reload for Publishing Report on Racism Allegations • Former ATF Agents Urge Senate Not to Confirm David Chipman


Arizona Republican files articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas

Federal Spending

In June, GAO responded to Congressional requests with a report on federal funding of abortion advocates

Treasury Secretary Urges Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling Through ‘Regular Order’ • Top Republican: GOP won't help raise debt limit to fund $3.5 trillion spending package • won't help Dems pay for 'socialist shopping list' despite Yellen debt ceiling request

Congress and mandatory spending: The backdoor to the country's decline

Infrastructure, bipartisan track:
Sen. Hagerty explained his refusal to expedite a vote on final passage of the infrastructure bill (Full Speech) • Trump calls bill 'beginning of the Green New Deal' • 6 Troubling Leftist Wins • Your next car could monitor you for drunken driving if bill passes • Moderate Dems pressure Pelosi to hold infrastructure vote, say how reconciliation will affect debt, inflationUrge Pelosi to Move Quickly, call for immediate vote on bipartisan infrastructure bill • House Progressives Hold Infrastructure Bill Hostagewon't back infrastructure deal without $3.5T reconciliation package • Pelosi breaks bad news to moderates: No vote on infrastructure this monthsignals she won’t bend to outnumbered centrists in spending fight

Infrastructure, partisan track:
56% Of Americans Support Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget • Free community college, preschool, and amnesty for millions: Senate unveils $3.5 trillion budget plan • Democrats prepare plan to pass 'SALT cap relief' tax break for wealthy • Lots of promises on the Senate floor about climate change: things that are “going” to happen and things the Democrats are “going” to do about it • Moderate Dems to block $3.5T spending plan until infrastructure passes • Manchin: 'I can't really guarantee anybody' reconciliation package will pass • Democrats' big spending plan faces pushback from centrists and liberals • Schumer downplays party squabbling over spending package • Bernie Sanders says he plans to persuade progressives to help pass $3.5T spending package • 'Delicate dance': Manchin and AOC hold the keys on infrastructure • Who are Democrats fighting for? Not you • We must rein in partisan government spending

Infrastructure and reconciliation bills undermine competition with China

Monetary Policy

Crypto industry seeks to build momentum after losing Senate fight


Biden Nominates Ex-Merit Systems Protection Board Chair for Labor Authority

Biden Admin Decision to Hide Info About Palestinian Terrorism From Congress Broke Law, Watchdog Says


Pro-Life Caucus writes to AG, HHS Secretary regarding injustice of not protecting in court the conscience rights of nurses who object to abortion

Commerce Policy

Biden Pushes Congress To Lower Cost Of Prescription Drugs — Full Remarks

Health Care Policy

'They can't arrest all of us': Rand Paul calls for defiance against COVID-19 restrictions

Technology Policy

Apple and Google seem spooked by bill requiring more app stores and sideloading

Education Policy

Who Should Teach Your Pre-K Toddler, You or Biden and Pelosi?


Family of John Lewis joins rally pressing Biden to help end Senate filibuster rules

McCarthy, House Republicans call for transparency and “clear, scientifically-supported standard to measure when the mask mandate will end” in the Capitol

Bob Casey Claims He’s a Pro-Life Democrat But He Voted for Abortions Up to Birth; his communications director lists experience working for abortion advocacy group Emily's List — people are policy in Washington

Committee Activity

Former acting AG testifies before panel probing election interference

Former Atlanta US attorney testifies to Senate about abrupt resignation

Trump Must Hand Over Two Years of Tax Records to House Panel: Judge

House committee turns key Trump DOJ official questioning over to Jan. 6 panel, sidelining GOP

Former Republican congressman appointed to advise Jan. 6 panel

Floor Outlook


Biden’s radical remaking of America

Schumer sets September voting rights fight after GOP blocks quick debate

House of Representatives

House Democrats will cut August recess short to vote on $3.5 trillion budget

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