Saturday, September 4, 2021

In Context

If you want to know people's priorities, look at their calendars.

Congress has a very full agenda for this month, and it may have to go to unusual lengths to make it all work. It should be a bit surprising, then, that a new issue could quickly insert itself into this mix of top legislative priorities.

While Democrats have talked about codifying the “right” to end the lives of unborn babies into the U.S. Code, the new Texas pro-life law—and judicial restraint from interference in it—has suddenly galvanized them to action.

One of the saddest news items of the week was of the midnight rush to bloodshed leading up the the law taking effect. That the killing might end is entirely unacceptable to the party that controls the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal government and half the country that supports them.

Their bills have been ready to go since JuneS. 1975H.R. 3755. They just needed a crisis not to waste in order to put them on the floor calendar. These bills would nullify every pro-life law in the country, including the new Texas law, the Mississippi law going before the U.S. Supreme Court next term, and any other state law set to take effect if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

What if the simultaneous timing of these things is not a coincidence? What if God is near-done with American shedding of innocent blood—which He has made clear is not His idea—and is trying to get our attention, yet our leaders are digging in, burying their heads in the sand even further, to borrow a phrase Justice Sotomayor used this week.

Father, we ask that You would not allow the iniquity of the Americans to be full from polluting the land with the shedding of innocent blood. We ask that You would protect these laws in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and other states that hold sacred the lives of generations not yet born. Hold back and scatter those who would use power to promote evil.

“the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full” (Genesis 15:16).

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