Saturday, October 2, 2021

Congress Update

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Executive Session

Schumer moves to break Cruz’s vise on diplomatic nominations

Parsing the drama in the Senate over Biden’s nominations

Senate votes to confirm Warren ally Rohit Chopra as CFPB chief

Tracy Stone-Manning, of Montana, to be Director of the Bureau of Land Management
Senate confirms eco-terrorist-linked Biden nominee who endorsed population control

Legislative Session

H.R. 5305, Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act
Senate Republicans thwart legislation pairing government funding with debt limit increase • Senate Votes Down Republican Amendment to Block Biden Vaccine Mandate (Still No Timeline for Implementing OSHA Vaccine Rule)

Unanimous Consent

Senate stalls borrowing limit increase

House of Representatives

Suspension of the Rules

US House passes Libya sanctions bill after blow to unity government — H.R. 1228

House passes bill to end crack and powder cocaine sentencing disparity — H.R. 1693

House passes legislation to strengthen federal cybersecurity workforce — H.R. 3599

Considered Pursuant to a Rule

NDAA Amendment (prior week)
House Votes to End Support for Long Entanglement in Yemen — H.Amdt. 113

S. 1301 (legislative vehicle)
House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill to Suspend Limit • Two Dems, one Republican vote against parties on debt ceiling

National Security

Foreign Relations Committee demands protection of investigative judges in the Beirut explosion case, is concerned about the role of Hezbollah in suspending the investigation

Support to Taliban: How A US Senate Bill Might Spell Trouble for Pakistan

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Milley Calls Afghanistan Withdrawal a ‘Strategic Failure’

House Democrats Pass Measure Requiring Women to Register for Draft

Democrats in Congress Try to Abolish Space Force — H.R. 5335

Fourth Amendment

FTC must leave privacy legislating to Congress

Tenth Amendment

House Approves Bill Barring States From Restricting Abortions — H.R. 3755

Federal Spending

Socialist Left Demanding Congress Raid Medicare To Pay For ACA Again

House sends government funding bill to Biden — H.R. 5305

Bipartisan infrastructure bill
Biden agenda in peril: Pelosi delays late-night infrastructure vote — twice • Rep. Stephanie Murphy disagrees with delaying vote on bipartisan infrastructure bill: “This promise was enshrined in a House resolution that every Democrat supported.”

Partisan Infrastructure bill
Five Issues Dividing Democrats • Manchin cast doubt on deal‘Fiscal insanity’sets $1.5 trillion limit • Pelosi: ‘Self-Evident’ Dem’s $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Will Be Scaled Back • Democrats consider reducing $3.5T price tag by reducing timeline, not pace of spending • Pelosi Says Reconciliation Bill Is on Path to Pass, but Democrats Still Divided • 'Betrayal': Progressives Rage After Nancy Pelosi Walks Back Infrastructure Promise • How The House Reconciliation Bill Would Further Injure Small Businesses • Senate parliamentarian rules out Democrats' immigration plan B • Democrats: Spending Spree Costs ‘Zero’ • Progressive Caucus chair wants Senate to vote on reconciliation before House votes on infrastructure • Biden has zero credibilityleaves Capitol in defeat • Harris courts centrists as Biden agenda hits roadblocks • Senate Democrats dial down the Manchin tension • McConnell and Graham ask CBO for 'true cost' of Biden spending plan

Monetary Policy

Warren opposes renomination of Powell as Fed chairman, calling him ‘a dangerous man’


House Republicans Decry IRS ‘Weaponization’ Against Christian, Conservative Groups


President Biden announces new slate of federal judicial nominees


Sen. Susan Collins Wants to Codify Roe v. Wade in Federal Law but Maintain Religious Freedom

Ocasio-Cortez: 'Sometimes it takes years' to recognize sexual assault

Commerce Policy

Senate Banking Chief Plans Bill to Address Fed Officials’ Stock Trades

Technology Policy

Congress isn’t satisfied with Facebook’s pause on Instagram Kids • Democratic lawmakers call on Facebook to ‘completely abandon’ Instagram Kids project

White House Prods Companies on Semiconductor Chips Information Request

Senators don't understand technology. How can they regulate it?


House proxy voting extended into mid-November

Bipartisan barbecue lunch returns to U.S. Senate, continuing Isakson tradition • Baseball break: Lawmakers pause infrastructure and debt ceiling squabbles for charity game • Can members of Congress get along? One House committee wants to find out

McConnell gets booster calls it 'easy decision'

Eighth House GOP lawmaker issued $500 fine for not wearing mask on House floor • Dan Crenshaw fined $5,000 after bypassing Capitol security

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough battles cancerwill have surgery and receive treatment is expected to be out 2-3 weeks

Committee Activity

Milley told Pelosi that Trump's nuke authority had safeguards: 'He doesn’t launch them alone' • Five takeaways from the Senate's hearing on Afghanistan • 6 Takeaways

Three Democrats recount their abortion stories to panel

House panel advances $3.5T spending bill

House Committee Pushes for Change at Board for Investigating Chemical Spills

U.S. House panel considers bill curbing dual-class stock

Jan. 6 committee chair says panel will issue a 'good number' of additional subpoenas • To Provoke Major Court Battle Over Executive Privilege • Liz Cheney, House Democrats Target Americans For Exercising Right To Protest

Floor Outlook

Democratic factions dig in, threatening fate of infrastructure vote

A 'Titanic' effort: Biden push to enact agenda headed for iceberg

Congress has until October 18 to raise debt ceiling, Yellen says

Representatives on 72-hour-notice through the next two weeks

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