Saturday, October 16, 2021

Congress Update

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House of Representatives

House votes to raise debt ceiling

National Security

Hartzler: 'Tragic' for Military Members to Quit Over Vaccines

Foreign Policy

Why We Should Worry About Declining Support for Israel in Congress

Congress Sends Warning to Burma’s Oppressive Military Junta

Second Amendment

Sen. Schumer Urges President Biden to Crack Down on ‘Ghost Guns’

Crapo Leads Introduction of Legislation to Protect Second Amendment Rights on Federal Land — S. 2948, H.R. 988

Fourth Amendment

Pelosi defends IRS surveillance of bank transactions more than $600will stay in the reconciliation bill: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes”

Homeland Security

Violent Protests Omitted From Domestic Terrorism Data Presented to Congress

Tax Policy

Democratic plan to tax the rich could have the IRS cutting checks to billionaires

Federal Spending

Budget Reconciliation Spending
Pelosi 'disappointed' Democrats are shrinking $3.5 trillion social safety net billgripes media not helping ‘sell’ $3.5T billsays members telling her to do 'fewer things well' in spending bill • Doubling Down'Yes,' IRS ‘tracking’ of bank accounts over $600 still on table as opposition growsBacklash could force Democrats to rethink IRS 'snooping' provision • Left double down on aggressive strategy • bill has massive new fines for businesses not complying with vax mandate • Democrats wage internal war over spending • Sanders, Manchin escalate fight over $3.5T spending bill • Democrats' clean energy program will likely be cut from massive budget bill • Democrats agonize over how to cut big spending plan • What to Cut? Start with the Subsidies to Health-Insurance Companies • Senators Object to Provision That Would Give SBA $4.5 Billion to Run Loan Program


Schiff 'can't answer' whether cognitive decline disqualified Mueller from leading Russia investigation

Watchdog Group Files Interior IG Complaint Over Tracy Stone-Manning’s Apparent Lie To Congress

Toomey demands to see bank regulator nominee thesis on Marx

Rep. Pat Fallon: Treasury Secretary Should Not Decide Debt Limit


Biden's Supreme Court reform study panel notes 'considerable' risks to court expansion


Democrats 'protect' women by eliminating them

Commerce Policy

Carbon taxes advance liberal policies without helping climate

House Republicans To Introduce ‘FREEDOM Act,’ Would Fight Vaccine Mandates — H.R. 5592

Technology Policy

Biden’s nominees show embrace of progressive views of Big Tech

Critics, supporters see Biden’s OCC nominee reining in fintech

GOP Senator Lays Out Framework For Fighting Big Tech Censorship Of Conservatives

Education Policy

Davis Urges U.S. Attorney General to Provide Answers on Federal Law Enforcement Intervention in Local Education


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks ‘a lot’ about what to do if she 'ruled the world'

House Budget Chair John Yarmuth to retire from Congress

Former Rep. Dale Kildee, who represented Flint in Congress for 36 years, dies

Committee Activity

Jan. 6 panel flexes its muscle • seeks criminal contempt referral for Bannon • subpoenas Dan ScavinoJeffrey Clark • Could Advance Criminal Contempt Charges if Subpoenas Ignored: Rep. Cheney • Schiff vows Biden DOJ will be asked to prosecute Capitol riot committee subpoena resisters Bennie Thompson not ruling out subpoenaing Trump • Capitol riot investigators 'engaged' with US Marshals • The Purpose Of The Jan. 6 Select Committee Is To Suppress Free Speech

Floor Outlook

Short deadline and party infighting threaten Biden agenda

Lawmakers face December pileup of spending deadlinesWith Little Plan And Worsening Gridlock


Senate to vote next week on 'Freedom to Vote' Act — S. 2747

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