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Congress Update

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Senate — Daily Leader Remarks • Actions begunpasseddeclinedsummarized

Executive Session

Senate Confirms Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Nominee

Biden pick Elizabeth Prelogar confirmed by Senate to be US solicitor general

Unanimous Consent

Rubio, Markey Applaud Senate Passage of Secure Equipment Act — H.R. 3919

Opioid Abuse Prevention Bill Passes Senate, Heads to President — H.R. 1899

House — Actions passedsummarized

Suspension of the Rules

Congress to award Congressional Gold Medal to service members killed in attack at Kabul airportH.R. 5142

House Passes Wagner Legislation to Protect Seniors and Vulnerable Adults From Financial Exploitation — H.R. 2265

H.R. 5763 – Further Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2021
House extends highway funding to Dec. 3 amid delayed infrastructure vote

Considered Pursuant to a Rule

H.R. 2119 – Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act of 2021
• Pro-life implications
• House Bulldozes Religious Freedom to Pass H.R. 2119

National Security

State Dept. Tested Diplomats for 'Directed Energy Exposure' Years Before Telling Congress

Republicans say steps in vetting process skipped, delayed for Afghan evacuees

Foreign Policy

Reps. Young Kim, Ami Bera Lead Bipartisan Effort to Support the Rights of Uyghurs and other Persecuted Minority Groups

Progressive Democrats Push Resolution Against Israel's NGO Terror Designations


“BE GONE” Act to Deport Sex Criminals Gains Support

Immigration relief in flux as Biden unveils reconciliation framework

Tax Policy

Wyden details proposed tax on billionaires' unrealized gains • Manchin pitches 'patriotic' 15% billionaires tax • Now met with Democrat pushback • billionaires tax on the rocks hours after it was unveiled • Likely Unconstitutional

House Ways and Means tax plan runs into Senate chopping block

Democratic tax hikes: What's on the table and what's been abandoned

Congress Shouldn’t Enact Ill-Conceived New Taxes for Spending Spree

Democrats are peddling false tax narratives to sell their agenda

Federal Spending

Toomey takes aim at Schumer's spending windfall for NYC public housing

White House unveils $1.75 trillion budget package with billions for climate • Biden Takes Victory Lap

Senate Dems Demand Swift Conclusion to Budget Negotiations • Pelosi Tacitly Confirms Reports that Sinema Opposes Tax Hikes • Democrats retreat on spending after failing to get votes for huge tax hikes • What’s in Democrats’ $1.75 Trillion Spending Bill • Tax policy changes slapped together without hearings to raise money for their social and climate change policies • 42 Reconciliation Policies to Wreck America • Framework’s climate elements may keep emissions goals in reach • Democrats propose modified fee on methane from oil and gas as part of spending package • Democrats Use Accounting Gimmicks to Hide Cost of Build Back Better Bill • Sen. Hagerty challenges Sanders to oppose ‘unlimited green card’ giveaway in budget bill • Democrats vow to continue fight on drug pricing in budget bill • Democrats try to back Manchin off killing paid family leave proposal • ‘Build Back Better era’: Democrats compare spending bill to New Deal and Great Society • Biden begs Democrats to back shrunken spending measure • 8 Ridiculous ‘Green New Deal’ Programs in Democrats’ Bloated Bill

Biden Framework for Social-Climate Package Fails to Ease Passage of Infrastructure Bill

A European Welfare State Requires a European Tax Regime

Debt ceiling hangs over Democrats' legislative home stretch • Manchin open to raising debt ceiling with only Democratic votes


Biden expected to nominate acting FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel for permanent post

Western Senator resists push from eastern Senators about wolves in the west

Commerce Policy

U.S. Retail Lobby Sends S.O.S. to Congress on Supply-Chain Chaos

Goodell: NFL to cooperate with Congress inquiry over Washington investigation

Work Matters, Despite What Congressional Democrats Think • Why Work Matters in the Post-COVID Economy

Congress Didn’t Give OSHA Authority to Impose Vaccine Mandates

Education Policy

House Republicans Probe NSBA For Colluding With White House On Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter Targeting Parents

Senators Introduce Resolution to Support Parents’ Ability to Remain Involved in Their Childrens’ Education

Marsha Blackburn Calls for Attorney General's Ouster for Targeting Parents

Natural Disasters

House Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Overhaul Federal Firefighter Pay, Benefits


Steny Hoyer: Letting the Filibuster Stand Will Break American Democracy

Congressional Softball Game is back with eight rookie lawmakers • An event where members of Congress actually talk to each other

Capitol Police test substance in suspicious package delivered to Ilhan Omar with 'patriarchy' threat

Former camera operator for ABC, NBC, and CNN arrested for threatening to kill Matt Gaetz • Exposed as Alleged Congressional Hitman - 'I'm Coming for Him'

Twitter Locks Republican Congressman’s Account, Claims Calling A Man A Man Is ‘Hateful’ ‘Violence’

Greene fined a third time for refusing to wear mask on House floor

Joe Manchin feels politically homeless

Warnock planning memoir for June release

Doctors treat up to two hundred members of Congress and their families with ivermectin • Joe Rogan Says Dr. Pierre Kory Treated 200 Members of Congress with Ivermectin

Madison Cawthorn to join House Freedom Caucus

Susan Collins casts her 8,000th consecutive vote, the longest active streakFloor SpeechesCollins requests shorter votes

Committee Activity

CFTC Chief Says Recent Crypto Cases Are ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Seagate violated sanctions by selling hard drives to Huawei, says Senate committee

Top Four Moments From the Senate Judiciary’s Questioning of AG Merrick Garland • 6 Takeaways From Merrick Garland’s Senate Testimony on Activist Parents and Other Issues

YouTube and Snapchat were asked to defend their apps’ age ratings in Senate hearing • TikTok dodges questions about biometric data collection in Senate hearing • TikTok Executive Won’t Say Whether China Can Access American User Data • TikTok, Snap, YouTube execs grilled on impact on young users: Key takeaways • Lawmakers confront TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube about eating disorder content • Senators accuse Snapchat, TikTok of fostering dangerous behavior, hate, anxiety on their platforms • Facebook can’t be trusted to stop spread of extremism, experts tell Senate

Republican Senators Demand Information on Improper Medicaid Payments

House panel: Border agents lightly disciplined for lewd posts

China Experts Allegedly Withdrew From Congressional Hearing Over Fear of CCP Backlash

Modernization Committee tracks its own progress as clock keeps ticking

House panel presses oil executives on climate disinformation

Jan. 6 committee chair: 'No question' Capitol riot was a premeditated attack • panel plans to subpoena Trump lawyer who advised on how to overturn election • Jeffrey Clark splits with lawyer ahead of testimony before Jan. 6 panel: report • committee grants postponements to Jeffrey Clark, Dan Scavino

Floor Outlook

Patience wears thin as Democrats miss deadlines

Pelosi Plans to Advance Budget Through House Soon

The Omnishambles

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