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Congress Update

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Executive Session

Lauren King confirmed to U.S. district court

Legislative Session

Congress sends 30-day highway funding patch to Biden after infrastructure stalls — H.R. 5434

S. 1301, the legislative vehicle to suspend the debt limit
Senate approves short-term debt ceiling increase

Schumer Gloats (Full Speech), Senate Democrats are still vowing not to act later via reconciliation

Biden Warned In Letter Ripping Schumer’s Speech: ‘Even Democratic Senators Were Visibly Embarrassed’

Why the Senate blinked — and stepped back from the brink of a federal default

National Security

Rep. Chip Roy tells GOP to vote no on NDAA unless 'daughter draft' is removed from legislation

Foreign Policy

New Senate Bill Addresses Afghanistan Crisis — S. 2863

House Republicans Probe Climate Groups’ Ties to China

Fourth Amendment

Lawmakers introduce bill to limit data collection at border crossings — S. 2957, H.R. 5524

Tax Policy

Democrats are pushing to make the Child Tax Credit permanent which 35% of Americans support

Federal Spending

Bipartisan infrastructure bill:
Kyrsten Sinema skewers House Democrats for infrastructure failure • Civil war among House Democrats leaves infrastructure bill in limbo despite leaders' public optimism

Partisan infrastructure bill:
Schumer calls on divided Democrats to reach spending deal 'in days, not weeks' • Abortion Flashpoint for Democratic Factions • Manchin says reconciliation bill must include controversial Hyde Amendment (The Hill gets slammed for labeling the Hyde Amendment as 'controversial') • Leader of House Progressives Says She Won’t Vote for Reconciliation Bill if It Includes Hyde Amendment • Can Democrats settle for $2 trillion? • Democrats' 'Build Back Better' agenda is a payback to wealthy allies • White House: Democrats Will Be ‘Disappointed’ as Party Scales Back Biden Agenda • Democrats start bargaining in bid to save party-line megabill • Senate Parliamentarian May Decide If Millions of New Immigrants Can Enter US • 92 legal scholars call on Harris to preside over Senate to include immigration in reconciliation • CBO unable to estimate a timeline needed for estimating the cost of the bill which is already full of consequential policy

Monetary Policy

Democrats look to unconventional $1T coin idea or nixing limit altogether • White House Rules Out $1 Trillion Platinum Coin


Senate Minority Report Exonerates Trump Of Weaponizing DOJ Over Election Results

House GOP Members Demand Documents From Biden Administration Related to Afghanistan Exit

McConnell reactivates his connection to Biden — with a sharp debt warning


Biden has appointed most federal judges through Oct. 1 of a president’s first year


‘Real Possibility’ Senate Democrats Nuke Filibuster Rules to Raise Debt Ceiling: Biden • Manchin dismisses nuking filibuster for debt ceiling • Anti-gun group launches campaign to end filibuster

Sinema lashes out at ‘unlawful’ activists who filmed her and ASU students in bathroom • ‘Over the line’: Schumer condemns Sinema bathroom protesters

Pelosi meets pope as abortion debate rages back home

Former US Rep. Todd Akin Dies

Committee Activity

Senate Judiciary squares off over John Lewis voting rights bill — H.R. 4

Six Key Takeaways From Senate Hearing With Facebook Whistleblower • Congress Demands Action Against Facebook After Hearing Whistleblower Testimony

House Panel Hears From Witnesses on Risks to Water From ‘Forever Chemicals’

Jan. 6 committee issues latest round of subpoenas for rally organizers • White House orders release of Trump records to Jan. 6 committee • Omarosa Manigault Newman: Jan. 6 committee 'on the right track' with Katrina Pierson subpoena • Facebook whistleblower to meet with Jan. 6 committee: report

Floor Outlook


Schumer Calls for Passage of Infrastructure Bill by End of October

McConnell vows GOP won't help raise debt ceiling in December after Schumer 'tantrum'tells Biden that debt ceiling will not be raised by Republicans in December

Tense Debt-Ceiling Vote Sets Stage for Tougher Fight

House of Representatives

House to vote Tuesday on debt limit hike

Pelosi sets end-of-October deadline for infrastructure vote, wants to pass bipartisan infrastructure bill 'well before then' • Progressive Caucus chair wants Senate to vote on reconciliation before House votes on infrastructure

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