Saturday, November 6, 2021

Congress Update

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Senate — Daily Leader Remarks • Actions begunpasseddeclinedsummarized

Executive Session

Schumer touts the “first openly gay woman to serve…in any Federal circuit court in the country” and a nominee who would be “the highest ranking Muslim in government

Legislative Session

Senate votes to block consideration of John Lewis Voting Rights Act — S. 4

House of Representatives — Actions passedsummarized

Suspension of the Rules

House passes bills to shore up small business cybersecurity

40 House Democrats vote against resolution supporting Cuban protesters — H.Res. 760 (Agreed to 382-40)

Considered Pursuant to a Rule

House holds longest vote in modern history as Democrats struggle for unity — 207-219

House passes infrastructure bill, sending it to Biden's desk • Lawmakers who bucked their parties • mayors praise passage — H.R. 3684

National Security

GOP blasts Schumer for ‘dereliction of duty’ as defense spending package sits in Senate • Why Is Defense Authorization Bill Languishing in Senate? • Wicker Calls for Immediate Consideration of Defense Bill

Foreign Policy

Strong Tech Support Could Help Sell Congress on Global Tax Rules: Yellen

U.S. Congress calls on Biden to give more weapons to Ukraine

US Congress members want disease monitoring center in Taiwan

Tax Policy

After failing to tax Bezos, Democrats look to tax LeBron

Federal Spending

House outlines immigration provisions in latest Build Back Better package, Republicans sound alarm9 Examples Show Why Democrats’ Revised Spending Bill Is Still AwfulManchin not ready to back $1.75T budget packageDemocrats pinning climate hopes on revised methane feeHouse moderates detail what it will take to get their votes for Biden's agenda (Flashback: Pelosi criticized GOP for not getting CBO score before passing bills) • House Democrats brush off ManchinManchin doubles down as House puts paid leave in spending billDueling 'SALT' fixes in play as Democrats try to close budget dealSanders floats SALT cap compromiseDemocrats plan to cut taxes for wealthier blue-state homeowners in final spending dealWill Biden's reconciliation bill transform early childhood education? • Progressives declare victory in spending bill fightJayapal: It's worth passing spending plan even if Democrats lose House


Biden Pick for Fed Chair Expected Soon, Yellen Says

House Judiciary Republicans Investigating How US Attorneys Acted On Garland’s Memo Targeting Parents

Sen. Lee: Senate considering making CDC Director subject to Senate confirmation

Commerce Policy

Marsha Blackburn Backs Essential Workers Against Vaccine Mandates

Bill would nullify noncompete agreements if employee was fired for refusing injections

Rep Comer: Government should waive penalties on contractors hit by supply chain issues

Health Care Policy

Congressional Physician Caucus Calls on FDA Advisor to Retract ‘Harmful’ Comments About Injections for Children


Democrats ramp up filibuster talks after voting rights setback • Carper comes out in support of nixing filibuster on voting rights

Congress gridlocked on the gridiron, loses to Capitol Police

Greene accrues $48K in fines for ignoring House mask mandate

Committee Activity

Republicans stall SBA nominee, citing Planned Parenthood loans, Muslim group

‘Last stop’ House committee takes its turn in the limelight

Emanuel nomination advances despite Democratic opposition

Jan. 6 panel has interviewed more than 150 people so far, is willing to grant immunityweighs contempt after brief deposition with former Trump DOJ official Clark

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