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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Congress Update

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Related Headlines:

Senate Confirms Miguel Cardona For Education Secretary

Senate confirms Biden Commerce secretary pick Gina Raimondo

Senate declines to stop DC from allowing 11-year-olds to give their own consent for vaccinesS.J.Res. 7

Senate declines to request information on unspent funds from previous COVID billsS.Res. 88

House Narrowly Passes ‘George Floyd’ Police Reform BillH.R. 1280

House passes partisan election bill without bipartisan supportH.R. 1Here’s What’s In ItSticks Police with Massive Bill20 Republican AGs Point to ‘Constitutional Deficiencies’Would Suppress Free SpeechNullify, Nationalize State Election LawsWould Allow Justice Department To Demand Removal Of Social Media Posts

House Rejects Effort to Lower Federal Voting Age to 16H.Amdt. 22

Marjorie Taylor Greene's procedural maneuvers splitting House GOP

Senate Advances Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Relief Package, as VP Harris Casts Tiebreaking Vote (50-50)

GOP Senator Forces All 628 Pages of $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill to Be Read AloudRon Johnson grinds Senate to haltTook Senate Clerks Just Over 10 Hours To Read Out Loud

Senate rejects Sanders $15 minimum wage hike (42-58) • Senate deadlocked for hours Friday over unemployment insurance in the COVID-19 relief billlongest vote in history as Democrats scramble to save relief bill

McConnell makes failed bid to adjourn Senate after hours-long delay (49-50)

Senate GOP gets short-lived win on unemployment fight (50-49) • Senate Democrats vote to provide $300 unemployment benefits into September (50-49)

Republican Senators Introduce Pro-Life Amendments to COVID-Relief BillLankford statement • Senate rejects S.Amdt. 1031 (52-47)

Senate rejects Cruz effort to block stimulus checks for undocumented immigrants (49-50)

Democrats block Tuberville amendment barring federally funded schools from allowing biological males to compete in female sports (49-50)

Senate Democrats Reject All but 3 Republican Amendments — All Amendments

Senate approves sweeping coronavirus measure in partisan vote (50-49) • changes infuriate House Democrats

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