Saturday, June 19, 2021

Congress Update

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S. 475: Juneteenth National Independence Day Act
Congress Passes Bill Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday, Sends to Biden’s Deskset to become 11th federal holiday

House of Representatives

House fails to pass bill to promote credit fairness for LGTBQ-owned businessesH.R.1443

H.R. 1187: ESG Disclosure Simplification Act of 2021 [Corporate Governance Improvement and Investor Protection Act]
House passes political spending, climate change corporate disclosures bill, 217 House Democrats Torpedo Bill Prohibiting Corporate Cooperation With Chinese Slave LaborH.R.1187

H.R. 256: To repeal the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002
House votes to revoke Iraq War powers, this time with presidential approval


Senate Leader Remarks: 6/14, 6/15, 6/16, 6/17

McConnell dismisses Schumer’s demand that Barr and Sessions testify over secretly seized phone recordsFull Speech: “our colleagues have taken to attacking former Attorney General Bill Barr over investigative decisions that occurred when he wasn't there yet”

Schumer: “Next week, the Senate will consider major voting rights legislation.”

Ketanji Brown Jackson, of the District of Columbia, to be US Circuit Judge for the DC Circuit
Senate confirms Garland's successor to appeals court

Lina M. Khan, of New York, to be a Federal Trade Commissioner
Senate confirmsBig Tech Antagonist, Pak-American legal expert Lina Khan becomes US Federal Trade Commissioner

Kiran Arjandas Ahuja, of Massachusetts, to be Director of the Office of Personnel Management
Absences force Senate to punt vote on Biden nominee

Tommy P. Beaudreau, of Alaska, to be Deputy Secretary of the Interior
Senate confirms Biden pick for No. 2 role at Interior

Unanimous Consent

Senate passes resolution condemning recent rise in antisemitic attacksS.Res. 252

Senate passes bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday

Senate declined to pass S. 1899, a bill to prohibit any direct or indirect United States funding for the territory of Gaza unless certain conditions are met.

Senate declined to pass S. 1520, Military Justice Improvement and Increasing Prevention Act of 2021: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Senate declined to pass S. 1562, Creating Pathways for Youth Employment Act

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