Saturday, September 25, 2021

In Context

Three issues of national importance are rising to a climax as September 2021 comes to an end: • how much innocent red blood will be shed, • how much red ink its finances can endure, and • how much of a red agenda it will pass.

Sometimes people say things that communicate more than they intend. This week, as part of his efforts to justify yet another increase, Senate Majority Leader Schumer noted Congress has previously raised the debt ceiling about 80 times. In other words, the debt limit has not done much limiting. Now, Republicans have found a use for the debt ceiling: stopping a $3.5 trillion spending bill full of a leftist, trajectory-changing agenda. Leader Schumer has filed cloture on H.R. 5305, the bill to fund the government and raise the debt limit (yes, as recorded on page S6666 of this year’s Congressional Record).

Congress Update

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Executive Session

Senate confirmed nominee for top Treasury tax position

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Suspension of the Rules

House clears bill to provide veterans with cost-of-living adjustment — S. 189

House passes bill to compensate 'Havana syndrome' victimsof Likely Directed Energy Attacks — S. 1828

House passes standalone bill to provide $1B for Israel's Iron Dome — H.R. 5323

Considered Pursuant to a Rule

H.R. 5305, Government Funding, FY2022, debt ceiling limit suspension
House passes bill to fund government, suspend debt limit

H.R. 4350, NDAA, FY2022
House passes sweeping defense policy bill

H.R. 3755, Abortion codification
U.S. House Democrats advance abortion billmore accurately known as the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act • bill would override all pro-life laws at both the federal state levels — Vote was 218-211

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