Saturday, October 2, 2021

In Context: Legislative Rock Paper Scissors

There are three items at hand in Washington right now, each of which has similarities to items in the zero-sum game Rock Paper Scissors: the bipartisan infrastructure bill (rock), the partisan budget reconciliation option (paper), and the debt limit (scissors). Each one of these items is functioning as leverage over another.

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Executive Session

Schumer moves to break Cruz’s vise on diplomatic nominations

Parsing the drama in the Senate over Biden’s nominations

Senate votes to confirm Warren ally Rohit Chopra as CFPB chief

Tracy Stone-Manning, of Montana, to be Director of the Bureau of Land Management
Senate confirms eco-terrorist-linked Biden nominee who endorsed population control

Legislative Session

H.R. 5305, Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act
Senate Republicans thwart legislation pairing government funding with debt limit increase • Senate Votes Down Republican Amendment to Block Biden Vaccine Mandate (Still No Timeline for Implementing OSHA Vaccine Rule)

Unanimous Consent

Senate stalls borrowing limit increase

House of Representatives

Suspension of the Rules

US House passes Libya sanctions bill after blow to unity government — H.R. 1228

House passes bill to end crack and powder cocaine sentencing disparity — H.R. 1693

House passes legislation to strengthen federal cybersecurity workforce — H.R. 3599

Considered Pursuant to a Rule

NDAA Amendment (prior week)
House Votes to End Support for Long Entanglement in Yemen — H.Amdt. 113

S. 1301 (legislative vehicle)
House Passes Debt Ceiling Bill to Suspend Limit • Two Dems, one Republican vote against parties on debt ceiling

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