Saturday, October 30, 2021

In Context: No one to fear, Everyone to love

During the weekend prior to an election, a noticeable number of people turn their mind to other things like rental entertainment. A mental break can indeed be useful to take a step back and consider the larger context of our time.

Deuteronomy 28 offers two descriptions of life for a nation. One has blessings everywhere and enemies nowhere. The other has confusion, disease, fear, madness, want, untrustworthy defenses, and is besieged on all sides.

If it isn't already obvious, we've been shifting from one to the other. Collapse may soon be on our doorstep. Supply chains seizing up could soon become our most obvious symptom. Congress is right where it was at the beginning of the month. People are fearful and teaching fear of a virus that most people survive.

Congress Update

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Related Headlines:

Senate — Daily Leader Remarks • Actions begunpasseddeclinedsummarized

Executive Session

Senate Confirms Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Nominee

Biden pick Elizabeth Prelogar confirmed by Senate to be US solicitor general

Unanimous Consent

Rubio, Markey Applaud Senate Passage of Secure Equipment Act — H.R. 3919

Opioid Abuse Prevention Bill Passes Senate, Heads to President — H.R. 1899

House — Actions passedsummarized

Suspension of the Rules

Congress to award Congressional Gold Medal to service members killed in attack at Kabul airportH.R. 5142

House Passes Wagner Legislation to Protect Seniors and Vulnerable Adults From Financial Exploitation — H.R. 2265

H.R. 5763 – Further Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2021
House extends highway funding to Dec. 3 amid delayed infrastructure vote

Considered Pursuant to a Rule

H.R. 2119 – Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act of 2021

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