Saturday, November 6, 2021

In Context: After Elections

A year ago, who expected the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal government to take a whole-of-government approach to censoring anything but words of praise for the coronavirus injection and to making everyone take said injection? When during the 2020 presidential campaign were we promised to be fired if we did not comply? Those were actions we learned to expect only after the new Administration assumed power.

In elections across the country this week, at least 10 percent of Americans voted for a different direction for the country than they did a year earlier. If we were able to reason together, the Administration would conclude the American people want less of what it is offering. However, we're not dealing with reason. We're dealing with Deuteronomy 28 madness in this country.

Congress Update

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Senate — Daily Leader Remarks • Actions begunpasseddeclinedsummarized

Executive Session

Schumer touts the “first openly gay woman to serve…in any Federal circuit court in the country” and a nominee who would be “the highest ranking Muslim in government

Legislative Session

Senate votes to block consideration of John Lewis Voting Rights Act — S. 4

House of Representatives — Actions passedsummarized

Suspension of the Rules

House passes bills to shore up small business cybersecurity

40 House Democrats vote against resolution supporting Cuban protesters — H.Res. 760 (Agreed to 382-40)

Considered Pursuant to a Rule

House holds longest vote in modern history as Democrats struggle for unity — 207-219

House passes infrastructure bill, sending it to Biden's desk • Lawmakers who bucked their parties • mayors praise passage — H.R. 3684

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