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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Weekly Congress Update

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Biden signs short-term bill to keep government open (H.R. 1437)

Bill awarding Congressional Gold Medal to Americans held in Iran hostage crisis heads to Biden's desk

SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed, declined

Democrats block GOP proposal to freeze federal spending until 2023 (S. 5244, Debate)

Senate rejects effort to cancel Biden charter school rule panned as 'burdensome' (S.J.Res. 60)

McConnell: Sanders Resolution on Yemen Would Strengthen Iran, Russia, and China (S.J.Res. 56)

Senate unanimously passes bill banning TikTok from government devices (S. 1143)

Biden pushes Congress to pass Manchin permitting reform bill opposed by liberalsSenate rejects Manchin’s energy permitting amendment to defense bill (S.Amdt. 6513) • Senate votes against reinstating troops kicked out over COVID-19 vaccine mandate (S.Amdt. 6526) • Senate passes sends $858 billion defense bill to Biden’s desk (H.R. 7776)

U.S. Senate confirms first Black woman to conservative-leaning 5th Circuit (65-31)

Senator Burr Farewell Address

Shelby delivers farewell speech on Senate floor (Full Speech)

Senator Toomey Farewell Address

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Weekly Congress Update

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Biden plans to sign first bipartisan medical marijuana bill into law (H.R. 8454)

SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed, declined

Senators make deal on bill to codify Supreme Court's same-sex marriage corruption (H.R. 8404) • Fact-checking 7 claims by defenders of billDon't be fooled: bill does not protect religious objectorsSen. Lankford spoke on the marriage bill and religious liberty and proposed amendmentsFaith Leaders: 'Respect for Marriage Act' Attacks Religious FreedomThe needless act to 'protect' marriageSenate votes to advance same-sex marriage bill with 12 Republicans voting yes and 37 Republicans voting noSenate moves closer to passing same-sex marriage corruption billRepublicans Can Still Reverse Course

Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe bids farewell after 35 years in Washington (Full Speech: Sen. Inhofe Farewell to the Senate) •

Senate passed S.J.Res. 63, by a vote of 61-37, a joint resolution terminating the national emergency concerning COVID-19 declared by the President on March 13, 2020. • Biden gears up for fight against bipartisan push to end COVID-19 emergency

HouseBills • Actions passed

House passes bill to solve Civil Rights Cold Cases (S. 3655) •

Indiana Republican Rudy Yakym sworn into Congress to finish late Rep. Jackie Walorski's term

House passes bill prohibiting use of NDAs to silence sexual misconduct allegations (S. 4524)

'Enjoyed working with three presidents': Pelosi throws shade at Trump in address (Full Speech: Speaker Pelosi's Future Plans)

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Pray for Senate Majority Leader Schumer

For the second time this year, on the floor of the U.S. Senate, during session, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has correctly referred to an unborn child as a “baby.”

In describing an Arizona law from the 1860s allowed to go into effect, he decried the result saying, “You have to carry the baby all the way to term.”

Weekly Congress Update

Daily Digests HouseSenatePrayersCommittee Reports

Biden signs bill to honor Jackie Walorski (H.R. 8656)

McConnell blasts Manchin permitting bill as 'poison pill,' 'phony fig leaf'Manchin asks Schumer to cut permitting from spending billWhySchumer drops permitting reform, clears way for stopgap spending billSenate advances funding billWhite House hits GOP over removalTime-crunched Senate passes, House passes, sends to Biden (H.R. 6833) • measure omits Manchin Clean Water Act proposal, COVID, monkeypox funds • includes more Alaska money, gun control

SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed, declined

Senate confirms US ambassadors to four countries

HouseWeekly Leader ColloquyBills • Actions passed

House passes antitrust legislation targeting tech giants' power (H.R. 3843)

House passes bill addressing mental health concerns among students, families, educators (H.R. 7780)

9/11 victims bill passes House in last pre-election vote (H.R. 8987)

House debates, passes bill (S. 1198) that could [via §6320(b)(F)] promote September 2022 rule allowing publicly-funded abortion for veterans; rule violates law (P.L. 102-585, Section 106)

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