Saturday, January 29, 2022

Congress Update

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Clyburn calls for full-court press on elections legislation

Fourth Amendment

Capitol Police Surveilling Members Of Congress And The Americans They Meet • House Republicans Demand Records

IRS requiring facial images to log into accounts to file taxes online • Now looking for new facial recognition vendor

Homeland Security

Democrats ask for information on specialized Border Patrol teams


House competition bill includes trade aid for workersclimate push

Federal Spending

Fiscal spending deadline nears while lawmakers face pressure to strike deal • GOP hard-liners renew push to shut down government over vaccine mandates

Hoyer says 'significant' version of Build Back Better will pass this year, for now 'Back to the drawing board' • Democrats war over SALT • Swing-state voters concerned about impact on inflation • New bill, same stumbling blocks


Over 80 lawmakers urge Biden to release memo outlining his authority on student debt cancellation


Holly Thomas Is Fourth Biden Pick Confirmed to Ninth Circuit

Supreme Court

Breyer to retire from Supreme Court • delivers 'circuit-breaker' gift to embattled Biden • Biden's pledge to appoint Black woman back in spotlight amid Breyer retirement • Biden reaffirms pledgecommitted to naming Black woman to Supreme Court • No. 3 Senate Democrat says Biden should tap Black woman for Supreme Court • names to know as Biden mulls Breyer's replacement • Clyburn predicts J. Michelle Childs would get GOP votes • Manchin open to supporting pick more liberal than him • Schumer Pledges to Hold ‘Prompt Hearing’ After Breyer Steps Down • Senate set for muted battle over Breyer successor


Amazon endorses legislation to end federal prohibition on marijuana

Gary Peters details abortion story in defense of Roe v. Wade

Commerce Policy

Rep. Bob Gibbs Introduces Bill Imposing Sanctions On Officials Who Don’t Report Stock Purchases In 24 Hours — H.R. 6486

House lawmakers urge Pelosi to bring stock trading ban to the floor

Oversight Dem presses meat processors on rising prices

Health Care Policy

GOP Lawmakers Demand FDA Explain Inaccurate Prenatal Tests


Democrats say change to Senate filibuster just a matter of time

Norton, Larsen line up to replace DeFazio on House transportation panel

Ethics panel reports Rep. Lamborn misused official resources

Henry Cuellar addresses FBI raid with modest childhood home as backdropvows to stay in race after FBI raid: 'I intend to win'

Testing positive: WarnerRomneyNew Mexico Democrat

Committee Activity

Big Tech Bill Approved by Senate Panel Despite Lobbyists’ Opposition

Jan. 6 committee chair says panel spoke to William Barr • Alex Jones says he invoked Fifth Amendment 'almost 100 times' • National Archives Gives Trump White House Records to Committee • Federal Judge Gives Green Light to Subpoena Chapman University • panel subpoenas 14 involved in false electors scheme

Senate panel to vote on Biden's FCC, FTC nominees

House committee to hear from former Washington Football Team employees on misconduct claims

Floor Outlook

Democrats face scaled-back agenda

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