Saturday, February 26, 2022

Congress Update

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National Security

Senate Democrat calls on Biden to release oil from strategic reserves

Lawmakers Urge Biden to Get Congressional Approval Before Using US Troops in Ukraine

Foreign Policy

Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun • Schumer requests Senate briefing • Congress to receive in-person, classified briefing next week • Senate Democrats meet with Polish officials to discuss Russian aggression • Menendez: Need to expel Kremlin from international community is in 'sharp focus' • McConnell calls for 'toughest possible sanctions' against Russia'Ratchet the sanctions all the way up' • Pelosi calls Putin a 'tyrant,' calls developments 'stunning'warns Putin of more sanctions to come • Lawmakers call for crippling sanctions • Lawmakers press Biden for tougher sanctions • Graham: 'Time is NOT on our side' • Schiff: Russian invasion should be 'final death' of Nord Stream 2 • Rubio: Putin won't stop with 'two little, small areas'

Lawmakers fear Russian invasion could increase Chinese threat to Taiwan

New Mexico rep to introduce bill offering asylum to Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates — H.R. 6838

Mexico knocks Cruz after criticism


Collins underscores need to reform Electoral Count Act: 'Peaceful transfer of power shouldn't require heroes'


Senate Republicans Introduce Bill to End Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for International Truckers

Federal Spending

Ukraine supplemental money bill could be in the offing

Congress races to clinch government funding deal

Monetary Policy

Democrats seek a way out of the inflation mess


Cruz says he will lift holdon Biden State Department nominees

State of the Union: Iowa Gov. Reynolds to give Republican responseTlaib to deliver progressive response

Supreme Court

Biden names Ketanji Brown Jackson, DC appeals court judge, for Supreme Courtsays Jackson will bring 'uncompromising integrity' to Supreme Court • Who is Ketanji Brown Jackson • Clyburn: 'Outstanding' pick • Richmond: Jackson would fill 'void' • Paul Ryan: 'Incredibly happy for Ketanji' • Graham: 'The radical Left' won 'yet again' • Three Republicans voted to confirm Brown Jackson for appeals court (Collins, Graham, Murkowski) • Top GOP senators vow 'rigorous, exhaustive review'


Bipartisan Senate Group Formed to Investigate Federal Prisons

Commerce Policy

Lawmakers introduce bill to eliminate subsidies for professional sports stadium construction — H.R. 6806

Health Care Policy

GOP Congresswoman Wants to Know Why Feds Haven’t Promoted Nasal Sprays to Treat COVID-19


Feds Have to Follow Stronger Ethics Rules Than Members of Congress

‘Erosion of trust’: Tensions bubble between House Republicans and Capitol Police

Gabrielle Giffords leaves hospital following appendicitis treatment

Sen. Inhofe tests positive for COVID-19Announces That He Will Retire at End of 2022

Committee Activity

Supreme Court Denies Trump Request to Withhold White House Documents From Jan. 6 Select Committee

House Oversight panel expands probe into Trump's handling of White House documents

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