Saturday, April 9, 2022

Weekly Congress Update

Daily Digests HouseSenatePrayersCommittee Reports

SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed, declined

Senate confirms Jackson to Supreme Court53-47

Senate votes 100-0 to limit trade with Russia100-0, 100-0

S. 2123, Pray Safe Act, passes — directs the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to establish a Federal Clearinghouse on Safety and Security Best Practices for Faith-Based Organizations and Houses of Worship

GOP blocks advancing COVID-19 deal amid COVID-era immigration fight47-52

Senate floor reading of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter From Birmingham Jail

HouseWeekly Leader ColloquyBills • Actions passed

House passes bill to document Russian war crimes in UkraineH.R. 7276, 418-7Six Republicans voted against potentially undermining American sovereignty

House suspends trade relations with Russia, BelarusH.R. 7108, H.R. 6968

House passes bill to provide relief to restaurants impacted by pandemicH.R. 3807

House passes bill to facilitate medical marijuana researchH.R. 5657

House votes to hold Navarro and Scavino in contempt of Congress220-203

Foreign Policy

House Democrats sound alarm on potential Iran nuclear dealHouse Republicans seek to force a vote on 'dangerous' new Iran nuclear deal2015 deja vu permeates as lawmakers ready to debate Iran nuclear deal

Ukraine war drives lawmakers into defensive posture on Taiwan

ACLU denounces bill to allow seized Russian oligarch assets to fund UkraineH.R. 6930


Senators push for details on protecting election officials amid threat concerns


Senate Democrats face immigration quagmire

Senators to restart bipartisan immigration reform talks


Congressional Republicans criticize small defense increase in Biden's budget blueprintMilitary brass requesting billions more


Burr asks Biden administration for science behind Title 42 decision

Backlash against student loan freeze grows

Supreme Court

Democrats unveil bill to impose ethics, recusal standards on Supreme CourtS. 4010

GOP sends Biden warning shot on future Supreme Court vacanciesMcConnell: Biden must move to center to get future Supreme Court pick through a GOP majority

Minority lawmakers praise Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation


Cawthorn to Democrats: ‘You’ll never amend biology’

Lankford, Jordan, Colleagues Demand Investigation into Deaths of Five Babies Aborted in DC — One or more of them may have lost their life through an illegal partial-birth abortion or may have been born alive and later killed. — Members of Congress Demand Investigation Into Aborted Fetal Remains in D.C. ApartmentMayor responds

Commerce Policy

Democrats cry crocodile tears over high gas prices, vent at oil industry for investing too little in production

Democrats make last-ditch effort to ban stock trading by lawmakersLawmakers and experts spar over congressional stock trading

Health Care Policy

White House COVID-19 Czar: US Has ‘National Interest’ to Vaccinate Entire World

Possible modifications to insulin bill in Senate

Education Policy

Four concerns with K-12 Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)
• claims SEL is “evidence-based” have been vastly oversold
• SEL has become an ideologically-charged enterprise
• data collection poses privacy risks for students, families
• implementation resembles unlicensed therapy


Committee on Congressional modernization takes on continuity of Congress

Rep. Ami Bera attacked by fox outside CapitolCapitol Hill fox euthanized after biting spreekits euthanized after mother tests positive for rabies

A progressive for people who don’t like progressivism (he defends Israel)

Testing positive: Pelosi, Warnock, Dems

Senators strike deal to keep Capitol cafeteria workers from layoffs

Former Democratic congressional aide pleads guilty to increasing salary via public funds

Retiring: Bob Gibbs, Fred Upton

Committee Activity

‘Embarrassed by your leadership’: Gaetz blasts Austin's 'wokeism'

House committee members question stock trading ban proposals

Subpoena for Hunter Biden to Testify Before Congress Blocked by Democrats

Oversight Chair accuses DOJ of blocking Trump records probe

Judge rules Bannon can't use key defense in Jan. 6 contempt case

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