Saturday, May 7, 2022

In Context: Preparing for Mourning

Much of the oxygen in Washington this week has been consumed by the firestorm from the Supreme Court of the United States that it is possibly set to find that Roe (1973) and Casey (1992) were wrongly decided. One side is angry. The other side is waiting. Both sides need to prepare for mourning the needless loss of so many millions of lives.

In war, even in victory, there is the loss of those who do not make it home. After World War II, the magnitude and scale of The Holocaust took time to be understood. If ever there were a need for empathy today, it's to understand the scale of a half-century tragedy that is now an order of magnitude larger than that.

Majority Leader Schumer has announced his intention for the Senate to vote on continuing the current legal status of abortion in this Nation next week. He said, “Next week's vote will be one of the most important we ever take…” This may be more true than he knows. What if it's important, not just because it's about “personal and difficult decisions,” but because it's one of the last moment's God is giving this Nation to turn away from the evil of shedding innocent blood in the womb?

Mr. Schumer seems to truly misunderstand the perspective of his pro-life colleagues in the Senate: “Republicans can run, but they can't hide from the horror they have created. Republicans can run, but they can't hide. They have two choices: They own it now or, miracle of miracles, try to begin to undo the damage.” Pro-life abortion restrictions are not damaging. Abortion is the horror. The knives of the abortionist create the dark terror. There is nothing clean about having hands stained by the blood of abortion, whether people hold the knife themselves, give legal protection to those who do, force others to hold that knife, or give them money.

Mr. Schumer went to one of his most effective tactics to marginalize pro-life America: “The Mississippi law before the Supreme Court, for example, has zero—zero—exceptions for rape or incest—a position that would have been regarded on the extreme of the extreme not too long ago.” Rape and incest have long been called the hard cases of abortion. They're not, because even then, giving birth can bring recovery and healing for women. It is good to be consistent in valuing all innocent unborn human life.

Majority Leader Schumer then went off script: “Imagine telling a woman who was raped that some White male politician is going to—White male judge is going to determine whether she has to continue to carry the child.” He paused and then quietly added: “—fetus.” He had it right the first time. Women who are expecting carry a child. Even in the midst of angry denunciations of the draft Supreme Court opinion, Senate Majority Leader Schumer accidentally spoke the truth.

When the Children of Israel were utterly destroying the inhabitants of the land, more than once the kings in that land formed alliances and unified in their defense against Israel. Israel had to contend with “all their armies” (Joshua 10:5, 11:4), “with very many horses and chariots” (11:4). God told Joshua, “Do not fear them” (10:8), “Do not be afraid of them” (11:6). He eventually defeated the “head of all those kingdoms” (11:10).

Right now, those that would pollute the land with blood of the innocent in America are in the stage of forming alliances and gathering all their armies, horses and chariots. Do not fear them. Do not hate them. Do not ignore them. We know that the Lord has already fought for their souls and paid the price for all their sin. God wants to win the heart of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, too. Please pray for him and other Senators during this important time.

Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8), and once America realizes and understands the magnitude of the loss, many will need our love and hope more than ever.

Father, we know this battle is Yours. We ask you to fight for the unborn and the soul of this Nation. Give Americans understanding, open their eyes, turn the hearts of fathers and mothers toward their children and children to their fathers and mothers. Prepare Your people in Your Word with words of healing and comfort for this Nation.

“It is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” (Matthew 18:14)

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