Saturday, June 4, 2022

Weekly Congress Update

Foreign Policy

Portman crosses into Ukraine, calls for more artillery shipmentsWhat's in Biden's $700 million military aid package for UkraineFive questions about U.S. help for Ukraine: (1) Is this the first/only time Washington has imposed a restriction on how Kyiv’s forces may use a weapons system provided by the United States or its allies? (2) When is a U.S. cyberattack not a violation of Biden’s policy of avoiding direct conflict with Russia? (3) How bad are Ukraine’s losses in its eastern Donbas region? (4) What can the United States and its allies do about Russia’s Black Sea blockade of Ukrainian ports, which has stranded the country’s wheat, barley, and sunflower oil exports, threatening dozens of countries with prospects of a food crisis? (5) What arms will Ukraine ask for next?

Duckworth pays three-day visit to Taiwan amid China tension


Puerto Rico governor hopeful that status bill will move quickly through Congress (Draft bill, discussion) • Context: Puerto Rico's electricity infrastructure has not yet fully recovered from Hurricane Maria (2017), and there was a fire at a power facility in April 2022.

Second Amendment

Congressional chambers approach new gun laws differently

Gun groups ready for aggressive effort against ‘red flag’ legislation — The House is planning to vote next week on a red flag bill, H.R. 2377, a “Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act” which includes language that allows a “family or household member,” including a “dating partner” or anyone who has “resided” with them, to confidentially request a Federal extreme risk protection order forcing “Relinquishment Of Firearms and Ammunition”. It also requires Federal law enforcement officer training to address “bias based on race and racism, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, language proficiency, mental health condition, disability, and classism in the use and administration of Federal extreme risk protection orders”.

Senate Targets Modest Deal on Gun ControlSenator says 'serious' bipartisan negotiations on gun legislation underwayTop GOP senator cites 'very constructive' gun reform talksSenators Zoom, but don't rushtalks continueMurphy says 'growing momentum' after latest meetingThe latestIs Cornyn the key to a compromise?Biden barges in after pledging to meet with Congressgun control groups not impressed

Graham: 'It is time to mobilize our retired and former service members' to secure schools

House Dem declares gun control will happen even if it means abolishing filibuster or expanding Supreme CourtRep. Nehls: Left Launching Second Amendment AssaultTo confiscate guns, Democrats are ready to destroy the courts and the Constitution

Handful of House GOP lawmakers open to ‘assault rifle’ ban

Thomas Massie Proposes Bill To Repeal ‘Gun-Free School Zones Act’ (H.R. 7415)

Gaetz says he supports voters arming themselves at polls

Rep. Arrington: Gun Laws Must Allow for Self Defense

Partisan divide on guns grows larger with each tragedy

Homeland Security

GOP pitches hardening schools as Uvalde security failures emerge

Rep. Carter: $350M Border Wall Materials Rusting Away

Federal Spending

Senators make last-ditch bid for Manchin's backing of Biden agenda

Monetary Policy

Progressive Rep. Ro Khanna says Biden needs 'bolder' inflation plan'Bolder Vision'


Grassley raises alarm over 'partisan' social media posts linked to FBI official

Supreme Court

GOP bill would criminalize Supreme Court leaks (H.R. 7917)


GOP Missouri lawmaker ties shootings to abortion: 'Life has no value to a lot of these folks'

Commerce Policy

Woke capital using ESG (environmental, social, and governance standards) to circumvent Congress, financially punish insufficiently woke corporations; Republicans introduce legislation to prevent Federal employees from investing in ESG-controlled funds (H.R. 7896)

Democrats call on major companies to explain lack of diversity in asset management

House Republicans unveil energy, climate strategycall for more production

House Democrats say Amazon obstructing probe into deadly warehouse collapse

Health Care Policy

Education Policy

Congress is working on legislation to address children's mental health (caution)


Freedom Caucus members to huddle with Trump

Pelosi tells Brown University graduates to unite in deeply divided country

Why more Americans should visit the offices of members of Congress (both in Washington, D.C., and in their local area) • About 70 percent of congressional staff say they would or likely would accept meeting requests for meetings from constituents—the citizens they represent.

Committee Activity

Senate panel exploring loosening telehealth rules for Medicare recipients

House Judiciary Committee considers gun measures amid bipartisan Senate talks • Nadler seeks to preempt GOP arguments on gun reform • McBath references late son at gun hearing: ‘I know that phone call’ • Gohmert fires back at Democrats on gun debate: ‘You think we don’t have hearts?’ • Virtually attending GOP lawmaker shows guns during markup • House Judiciary Committee advances gun control legislation along party lines (H.R. 7910) • House Judiciary also advanced a red flag bill: H.R. 2377

House Ethics Committee releases data from stock investigation into Florida Republican

House Oversight panel investigating Jared Kushner over Saudi investment with private firm

Jan. 6 panel won’t get all it seeks for public hearings this month • Mastriano agrees to interview with Jan. 6 panel • Peter Navarro slapped with grand jury subpoena related to Capitol riot • Republican Andy Biggs requests more information on 'rationale’ for Jan. 6 subpoena • Jan. 6 committee cuts back number of planned public hearings for June • DOJ declines to charge Meadows and Scavino for defying Jan. 6 committee •

Senate Judiciary to hold hearing on domestic terrorism following Buffalo shooting

House panel invites Roger Goodell, Dan Snyder to testify on Washington Commanders’ workplace culturealleged hostile workplace

Uvalde and Buffalo families, survivor to testify before House Oversight • Fourth grade survivor of Uvalde massacre to testify at House gun control hearing

Floor Outlook

House of Representatives

Pelosi says House will vote on gun package next week (H.R. 7910, H.R. 2377) • Nadler says ‘if we have the votes’21 Democrats ask leaders to split up gun packageAge hike for semi-automatic purchases among gun control proposals set for House votes

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