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SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed

Dems' climate, tax and health care bill survives all-night GOP onslaughtDemocrats fail to overrule parliamentarian on insulin price cap, These seven GOP senators voted to keep $35 insulin cap in reconciliation bill (57-43) • Every Senate Democrat votes against defining pregnancy as unique to biological femalesSenate passes Inflation Reduction Act after all-night vote series, Harris breaks tie

Biden cheers, hails'We are elated:' Chuck Schumer revelsSenate Democrats celebrate • 'Now I can look my kids in the eye:' Senate Democrat breaks down in happy tears over climate victorysends to House: Five takeawaysSinema, Manchin and the anatomy of a dealSenate Republicans object

Senators Young and Braun of Indiana remembered Rep. Jackie Walorski of Indiana and the Senate agreed to S.Res. 748, a resolution honoring and celebrating the life and legacy of Representative Jackie Walorski.

HouseBill (H.R. 5376)

Pausing recess — Dems' big bill hits the House • House approves sweeping climate, tax, health care packageBiden praises

House holds moment of silence to honor Rep. Jackie Walorski

Here's what's in the Inflation Reduction Act, the sweeping health and climate billPro-Life analysisInflation Reduction Act Doesn’t Reduce Inflation, Should Be Called Economic Freedom Reduction ActWhat the 'Inflation Reduction Act' would doRural review of the Inflation Reduction Act

When will Americans feel the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act?GOP physicians in Congress: Drug price control will impact patient careSome earning under $400,000 would see tax burden increaseList of Tax HikesCongress Is Supersizing the IRS. Here’s Why That’s Bad News for Everyday AmericansWhich Americans Are Most Likely to be Audited by IRS Under ‘Inflation Reduction Act’?

Foreign Policy

Nikki Haley says Pelosi was right to go to TaiwanBiden ‘concerned’, ‘not worried’ about China’s response to Pelosi visitPelosi denies reports that military discouraged Taiwan trip, defends trip to Taiwan: purpose was to 'salute this thriving democracy'Pelosi: China’ Xi ‘acting like a scared bully’

After Pelosi’s Visit, It’s Time for US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement

Tenth Amendment

Warren launches investigation into state abortion bans


Bipartisan bill would end Afghan evacuees' legal limbo

Tax Policy

Democrats propose raising Social Security taxes (S. 4365, H.R. 8005)

Federal Spending

Sen. Ron Johnson suggests Social Security and Medicare should be discretionary spending

The Fastest Growing Category of Government Spending: national debt interest

Monetary Policy

What if inflation is still bad after passing Inflation Reduction Act?

Rep. Burgess to Newsmax: Solve Inflation by Restoring Energy


Search, seizure rankle Republicans4 Key Questions After FBI Raids Trump’s HomeMcConnell calls for 'thorough and immediate explanation'Grassley expresses concern to FBI director in wake of Mar-a-Lago search: Why Is There One Law For Hunter Biden And Hillary, Another For Trump?House GOP rallies to Trump, vows to probe FBI in 2023Top House lawmakers ask intel officials to review national security damage from Trump document handling

Republican Rep. Scott Perry says FBI seized his phoneWhy Scott Perry stands out in the FBI's investigations of Trump allies

Garland to judge: Release Trump search warrantRepublicans rally behind Trump after search warrant is unsealedMarjorie Taylor Greene moves to impeach Merrick Garland, files articles

Pelosi calls on Republicans to tone down attacks on FBIGOP displays split in tone on FBI's Trump searchGOP lawmakers adopt ‘defund’ rallying cry for FBI, not police

Rather Than Secure Border, Democrats Unleash Army of IRS Agents


Dem infighting threatens policing packageDems punt policing bills beyond August

Commerce Policy

Shell endorsement of Democratic bill exposes growing GOP-big business rift

'So Goes Housing, So Goes the Economy,' Rep. Ralph Norman Says

Education Policy

Democrats’ civics education bill is a scheme to federalize woke curricula (H.R. 1814, S. 879, S. 4384)


GOP House Oversight members press National Archives over role in FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search

Democrats in array at last, with domestic agenda in bloomCongress was historically productive. Now it's up to voters to decide if that's a good thing

Harris moves within six tie-breaking votes of nearly 200-year-old record

Rep. Banks lead RSC meeting with Trump in New Jersey day after raid

Freedom Caucus and McCarthy find synergy on proxy voting strategy

Members of Congress mourn Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski

Man pleads guilty to stalking, trying to 'kill and kidnap' Oklahoma Republican

Lawmakers are heading to Ukraine with or without White House’s approval

Republican Rep. Brad Finstad sworn in to finish Hagedorn’s House term

Committee Activity

Some of the Best (and Worst) Quotes from a House Committee’s 7/27 Attempt to Go After Gun Manufacturers (Hearing)

Public opinion relatively unchanged after Jan. 6 hearings: poll

Schiff threatens new salvo of oversight against Trump

GOP locked and loaded: 500 'preservation letters' sent for investigations

Floor Outlook

Democrats punt on border crisis

Democrat calls for standalone vote on permitting deal, saying he doesn’t feel ‘obligation’ to vote for it


Senate will vote on same-sex marriage bill in September, Schumer says (H.R. 8404, S. 4556)

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