Saturday, September 10, 2022

Weekly Congress Update

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SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed, declined

Senate confirms Biden appellate judge pick opposed by home state senators

Foreign Policy

Congress prepares to step up on Taiwan policy

McConnell: 'Our thoughts and our prayers' are with Queen Elizabeth II, calls Queen Elizabeth 'historic friend' of U.S. • Lawmakers react, pay tributePelosi orders Capitol flags at half-staff


Farmers are eager for Senate to vote on migrant worker bill (H.R. 1603)

Federal Spending

Senate GOP delivers early blow to Biden's Covid and monkeypox request

Maloney, Clyburn request investigation into airlines' use of COVID-19 relief funds

DC, Chicago, NY lawmakers call for $50 million for bused migrants

GOP reps warn program providing medical care for 9/11 survivors faces ‘impending funding shortfall’


Republicans have ‘distrust, but verify’ view on DOJ, former Homeland Security chair says

Manchin calls Biden student loan decision ‘excessive’

House Republicans 'gravely concerned' about Biden's use of Marines in speech

Technology Policy

Lawmakers must act as Biden weaponizes Big Tech against Americans

Education Policy

Burr recovering from hip replacement surgery, will miss votes

Testing Positive: Sens. Rosen, Ossoff (in India), Menendez

Committee Activity

Senators may eradicate local journalismTech trade groups come out against bill to boost local and conservative news (S. 673) • U.S. Senate panel delays vote on bill allowing news outlets to negotiate jointly with Big TechKlobuchar pulls bill after Cruz amendment

Senator Urges Senate to Approve SAFE Banking Act During Banking Hearing (S. 910)

South Dakota farmer testifies to US Senate committee on volunteer efforts of farmers to reduce climate impact

NCBA Urges Senate Committee to Pass Livestock Regulatory Protection Act (S. 1475)

Former team president Bruce Allen testifies in House panel's Washington NFL investigation

Congressional panel debates federal role in preventing youth incarceration

What’s Next for Jan. 6 Committee As It Plans Final Hearings

Social media firms to testify at U.S. Senate Homeland Security hearing

Floor Outlook

What’s on fall agenda: energy-permitting, judicial nominations, government funding, FDA user fee agreements, same-sex marriage, Electoral Count Act, virus combat funding, disaster relief funding


Senate eases into SeptemberSenators Return to Work for Final Legislative Push Before Midterms

Senate leans toward Dec. 16 stopgap funding billLeahy and Shelby's last spending fightManchin says leadership pledged permitting reform in stopgap funding billSchumer pledges to pass Manchin deal despite Democratic opposition72 Democrats sign letter opposing Manchin permitting billManchin-Schumer permitting fight escalating ahead of legislative deadlineTim Ryan backing Manchin plan for expediting energy permitsBernie Sanders rails against energy permitting deal, vows to oppose

Democrats weigh gay marriage vote in pre-election sprint (H.R. 8404, S. 4556) • Baldwin, Collins press Senate colleagues to pass marriage corruption legislationSchumer announces same-sex marriage vote “in the coming weeks” • bill expected to pass Senate this month, teeters on verge of GOP filibusterRon Johnson won't back same-sex marriage bill in current formSen. Kevin Cramer Urges Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage Bill

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