Saturday, October 29, 2022

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Foreign Policy

Pelosi met Ukrainian officials in Croatia

Progressives urged Biden to push harder for Ukraine peace talks, negotiate with Russia to end war in Ukraine • Progressive Democrats undercut Biden’s Ukraine strategy, calling for diplomacy, citing cost of war, risk of nuclear weapons • Pelosi pushes back on the left on Ukraine aid • Progressive Caucus tries to clarify, 'didn’t consider election timing' • House progressives weigh retraction, withdraw lettergo on damage control • Progressives' Ukraine letter darkens Jayapal leadership prospects

Bipartisan group of lawmakers denounces guilty verdict of Hong Kong advocate Jimmy Lai

Tax Policy

Dozens of Democrats call for action on child tax credit during lame-duck session

House GOP lawmakers push permanent tax cuts amid soaring inflation

Federal Spending

What a national elementary gender bill would mean for education (H.R. 9197)

Justice — Punishing Evil, Praising Good (Romans 13:3-4; 1 Peter 2:14)

Mike Lee says he won't back Lindsey Graham's federal abortion ban proposal

Commerce Policy

Congress wants to take away your credit card points

Health Care Policy

Energy and Commerce GOP leaders press Boston University on COVID research

Senate GOP report on COVID origin suggests lab leak is 'most likely'


Texas Republican Mayra Flores Prevented From Joining the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

GOP lawmaker targeted for influence op by ex-CIA officer over anti-Qatar bill (H.R. 3892)

Paul Pelosi assaulted at home by assailant • attacker asked 'where's Nancy' • Lawmakers send well wishes to Paul Pelosi • McConnell 'horrified and disgusted' by attack • Police reveal identity of suspect • Pence: 'This is an outrage' • Paul Pelosi underwent surgery for skull fracture • attack highlights era of heightened political violence • Jan. 6 panel chair calls for agencies to redouble efforts to protect officials • Ocasio-Cortez slams McCarthy for saying 'nothing' • 'Somebody is going to die': Chilling warnings from lawmakers • Democrats lash out at GOP 

GOP Rep. Perry drops lawsuit requesting return of cellphone data seized by FBI

Sen. Menendez under federal criminal investigation in New York

Committee Activity

House investigation finds insurers, benefit managers improperly limit access to birth control • [Background: FDA Birth Control Chart • Which Birth Controls are Abortifacients?]

Trump loses latest bid to block tax returns from Congress

Hope Hicks to appear before Jan. 6 panel • committee to seek interviews with Secret Service officials • panel asks Supreme Court to allow Kelli Ward subpoena

Floor Outlook

Pelosi, Schumer invite Israeli president to address Congress , in connection with 75th anniversary of Israel’s founding

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