Sunday, October 9, 2022

Weekly Congress Update

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Foreign Policy

House Democrats propose end to US troop protection in Gulf after OPEC cut • Schumer rips Saudi Arabia over oil production cutsrebukes Saudi Arabia for ‘cynical’ move • Durbin calls for US to 'imagine a world without' Saudi alliance • Sanders calls for US troop withdrawalMurphy: US relationship with Saudis 'broken', 'There's got to be consequences'

Graham, Musk feud over invasion of Ukraine

Fourth Amendment

New Democrat Coalition backs privacy bill (H.R. 8152)


Murkowski says federal response to Russians seeking asylum in Alaska 'lacking'

Federal Spending

Rubio says he’ll vote against Hurricane Ian relief if bill is loaded with extra 'pork' spending


Investigation into FBI corruption impeded by Durham probe, senator says

Senate liberals press Biden for climate emergency declaration

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace praises Biden on marijuana pardons: 'Credit where credit is due'

Justice — Punishing Evil, Praising Good (Romans 13:3-4; 1 Peter 2:14)

Grassley a 'no' on Graham's 15-week abortion ban

Corruption — Praising Evil, Punishing Good (Isaiah 5:20)

‘Time Has Arrived’ to Legalize Polygamy, Writes New York Judge; nothing in the text of the Democrats’ same-sex marriage bill explicitly outlaws polygamy

Commerce Policy

Pelosi, Pallone raise concerns about $5.4B acquisition of Tegna

Senate Republican bill would repeal Dem drug price-control law (S. 4953)

Natural Disasters

Gaetz asks for Florida hurricane aid


Freedom Caucus starts to turn up the pressure on GOP leaders

Collins says she 'wouldn't be surprised' if a lawmaker is killed amid rise in threats

Rep. Stevens, husband to divorce after year of marriage

Rep. Casten says his daughter died from cardiac arrhythmia

Head of House progressives says stock trading ban should have been 'a no-brainer' • Bear market for congressional stock trading ban

Feinstein overheard getting frustrated with aides over routine vote

New report finds House offices lack diversity

Sasse expected to resign from Senatebecome University of Florida president • Trump celebrates • Sasse’s expected exit shrinks Senate’s anti-Trump wing • Gov. Ricketts says he won't appoint himself to succeed Sasse

Committee Activity

NFL's Commanders owner blasts House Oversight Committe for investigation into team

House Ethics Committee says it's investigating Oversight Chair Carolyn Maloney

Democrats’ dilemma: How to get Jan. 6 recommendations through Congress • committee announces ninth, and possibly last, hearing will be next weeknext Thursday

Floor Outlook

Lame duck session looks stuffed • The lame-duck grinch that might steal Congress' Christmas

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