Saturday, April 23, 2022

In Context: Questions to go beyond churnalism

Screenwriter Nora Ephron told a story of a journalism class activity in which the students were assigned to write a headline and article for the school newspaper based on a dry announcement about an upcoming teacher in-service meeting. After the students rewrote the update in their own words, the teacher trashed all their articles and then announced, “Here's your headline: There's No School on Thursday!”

Many reporters today are still taking what they're given, rearranging the words, and basically posting someone else's press release with their news organization's masthead instead. This practice has a name: churnalism. An easy way to spot the difference is if quotes are “said in a statement” (churnalism) or “said in an interview” (journalism).

Weekly Congress Update

National Security

New requests bring military’s ‘unfunded priorities’ above $21 billion

Foreign Policy

Senators visiting Poland, India, Germany to rally Ukraine support

Republicans call on Blinken to reopen Kyiv embassy

Ukrainian prime minister to meet with Pelosi

McCarthy ramps up Ukraine blame game with Biden

Rubio pushes White House on bill to establish space debris sanctions — S. 3925


Biden faces deepening Democratic riftmutiny • Democrats pressure Biden to back off Title 42 decision • Sen. Sinema says Title 42 decision is inconsistent with mask extension • Ten Democrats joining Republicans in opposing Biden's plan • 7 More House Democrats Can Help Stop The Looming Border Catastrophe • Congress Tries Last-Ditch Effort to Keep Title 42 in Place — H.R. 7458

20 House Republicans Demand ICE Data on Arrests, Deportations Withheld by Biden

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