Saturday, July 9, 2022

In Context: Roe has fallen; its deception has not

The Supreme Court's opinion returning of abortion to the States was released the day after Congress was last in session. The two intervening weeks have revealed much about Democratic party priorities: abortion, abortion, abortion.

Abortion 1: Committee spending
The week before last was a House Committee Work Week, and Democrats made spending on abortion a priority.

Abortion 2: Floor votes next week
House leaders have already scheduled two more abortion votes on bills (H.R. 8296, H.R. 8297), one of which they've already voted on in a previous form. (That bill, H.R. 3755, went far beyond “codifying Roe.” The House passed it 218-211 and the Senate has voted on it, 46-48, and their own version, S. 4132, 49-51. The new House version, H.R. 8296, updates the findings of H.R. 3755 acknowledging that Roe has been overruled.)

Abortion 3: Committee hearings next week on Dobbs, Post-Roe America
These actions are right in their eyes and in the eyes of much of the American people, and that perceived rightness is based on deception. Roe was based on lies that need to be answered with truth.

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