Saturday, July 30, 2022

In Context: The Justice of Forgetting

Believers in Jesus understand that justice-impacted individuals are not limited to those who have been to prison. We're all guilty before God. It is by the justice of God that “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)

We do well to have more compassion and less condemnation for those who are returning to society. They need to work. Finding a job isn't easy, and it's harder still for those with a criminal past. The pattern against them in our culture is so strong that many turn to entrepreneurship to create work for themselves.

One study, discussed with the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee this week, found that returning citizens start businesses at a higher rate than Americans who have never been incarcerated, and as entrepreneurs they earn more and have lower recidivism rates than employees.

Weekly Congress Update

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Senate passes $280B semiconductor and science bill aimed at China (H.R. 4346) • Biden cheers • House GOP moved to oppose in rebuke to Manchin dealMcCarthy rails against chips bill, Democrats in extensive floor speech (Full Speech) • House passesbill on way to Biden’s desk24 House Republicans supported, WhyHow the ‘chips-plus’ bill grew by nearly 1,000 pages, chips away at America’s economic freedom, Serves Up Pork to Semiconductor Manufacturers

SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed, declined

Veterans toxic exposure bill delayed as cloture attempt rejected (S. 3373) • Veterans’ groups lash outVets stage sit-in at Capitolopposition delays, but likely won’t thwart, veterans' healthcare bill

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House passes bill awarding Congressional Gold Medal to Americans who died in Benghazi attack (H.R. 310)

House passes bill to research cognitive effects of coronavirus (H.R. 7180)

Gaetz among 20 House Republicans who voted against anti-human trafficking bill (H.R. 6552)

Congress’ vote on Delphi pensions bailout shows problem with putting unions above law (H.R. 6929)

House passes cyber bill aimed to protect energy sectors (H.R. 7569)

House passes bill to expand COVID-era telehealth services (H.R. 4040)

House passes bill to ban assault weapons (H.R. 1808) • These are the House lawmakers who bucked their parties on assault weapons ban

Bill restricting Big Cat ownership, made famous by ‘Tiger King,’ passes House (H.R. 263) • has shot at becoming law

House passes 48-bill wildfire-protection package (H.R. 5118)

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