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SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun, passed

Schumer endorses resolution to ratify Equal Rights Amendment, cites overturning of Roe as a reason (S.J.Res. 4, USCCB PDF)

McConnell endorses Capito's resolution to codify the Trump Administration's repeal of the Waters of the United States EPA rule (S.J.Res. 7), commends energy security priority of House (H.R. 21)

McConnell notes Biden judicial nominee flubs basic legal questions (Full Speech)

Senate commemorated the 20-year anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia loss; Died: 7 astronauts, 2 during debris search

HouseBills • Actions passed

House passes bill to block HHS from enforcing vaccine mandate at some health facilities (H.R. 497, Floor Debate)

House Republicans pass bill to end COVID-19 public health emergency (H.R. 382, Floor Debate)

House passes resolution to end COVID-19 national emergency (H.J.Res. 7, Floor Debate)

House passes bill to end coronavirus-era telework policies for executive agencies (H.R. 139, Floor Debate)

These House lawmakers broke from their parties on pandemic-related measures (H.R. 139, H.J.Res. 7)

House Republicans vote to remove Omar from Foreign Affairs panel (H.Res. 76, Floor Debate) •

House passes resolution denouncing socialism, vote splits Democrats (H.Con.Res. 9, Floor Debate) • Dems press GOP on whether anti-socialist bill could hit Medicare, Social Security86 House Democrats Vote Against Condemning Socialism

National Security / Military

Warner and Rubio together call for document oversight for national security

Democrat says booting Schiff, Swalwell from Intel committee 'hurts our national security

'Chinese spy balloon' spotted over Kansas, senator saysRep. James Comer blasts Biden on Chinese balloon, speculates if it could be 'bioweapons'‘Unacceptable’: Hakeem Jeffries blasts Chinese balloon’s ‘incursion’ into US airspaceRubio calls spy balloon a ‘wake up’ call on ChinaHawley calls for investigation of Biden’s 'baffling response'Jon Tester, vulnerable Democrat, joins GOP in blasting Biden responseThe Chinese spy balloon is bad, but the Chinese spyware app is still worse

Top Armed Services Democrat: US military readiness a 'huge problem'  

Foreign Policy

China urges McCarthy not to visit Taiwan

Republicans were urging Blinken, Yellen to press China on human rights, trade, aggression during trip until Blinken trip to China postponed over ‘unacceptable’ spy balloon

House committee leaders discuss surveillance balloon, U.S.-China tensions

Boris Johnson meets with lawmakers in Capitol lobbying to maintain support of Ukraine in its fight against Russia

McCarthy met with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Tuesday

Second Amendment

Lawmakers launch battle to expand background checks

Fourth Amendment

Democrats call for probe into disclosure of taxpayer information to Facebook

Homeland Security

Spanberger: Congress must separate issues of immigration, border security


House GOP struggles over budget ideas

Federal Spending

Eyeing defense spending cuts, House GOP targets military ‘wokeness’

Yellen says there would be 'devastating' consequences if Congress fails to raise debt ceilingMcCarthy: 'There will not be a default' McCarthy optimistic about agreement with BidenMcCarthy calls Biden memo on spending cuts, avoiding default ‘political games’Biden, McCarthy meet, White House aides envision a debt ceiling off-rampMcCarthy leaves Biden meeting optimisticBiden at National Prayer Breakfast: McCarthy and I will treat ‘each other with respect’House GOP grits its teeth for the 'big lift': A budget battleModerate House Democrats offer help to McCarthy, Biden on debt limitHouse Dems eye discharge petition as escape hatchSchumer: Biden unified with Democratic leaders against negotiatingDebt ceiling fight sets tone of Schumer relationship with McCarthySchumer: 'I think we'll win'McConnell, Senate GOP happy to sit out debt limit talks — for nowMcConnell accuses Schumer of hypocrisyTwenty-four GOP senators warn they will oppose debt limit increase without fiscal reformsCongress says no to gangs (so far), 'Not a gang discussion'What Jerry Seinfeld’s 'Black Card' can teach lawmakers about the debt limit

GOP senators reintroduce bill to eliminate government shutdowns amid budget battles (S. 135)


Warner and Rubio: The press knows more about classified documents than CongressMcConnell defends Senate's 'reasonable' push for info on Biden classified documentsDOJ declines to release communication on Biden docs to House JudiciaryDOJ 'working' to share info on classified Trump, Biden docs with senatorsRubio knocks DOJ for shielding information on classified documents from Congress

Raskin asks Secret service for information on visitors at Trump, Pence homes

House GOP leaps headlong into divisive Mayorkas impeachment debateRep. Andy Biggs introduces articles of impeachment, second impeachment article (H.Res. 89 after H.Res. 8)

Durbin, bipartisan senators slam FDA's 'repeated failures' at vaping regulation

Republicans push resolution to repeal Biden Clean Water Act rule (S.J.Res. 7)

Lawmakers ask Biden to add drug czar to Cabinet

Five questions Congress must urgently (and again) ask the CIA


5 Things to Know About Nancy Abudu, deputy legal director at the Southern Poverty Law Center, nominee for the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals • No centrist senator could possibly approve

Supreme Court

More than 100 House Republicans file amicus brief on Biden student loan forgiveness

Lawmakers dissatisfied at Supreme Court leak probe running dry

Justice — Punishing Evil, Praising Good (Romans 13:3-4; 1 Peter 2:14)

Lankford, Thune Introduce Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (S. 204, H.R. 26 in House)

Time for ‘national conversation’ on policing, Durbin saysJordan: Legislation alone wouldn’t have stopped Nichols beating, Maxwell Frost hits back at Jim JordanTyre Nichols death sparks long-shot push for police reformfuneral a 'plea for justice' and police reformTim Scott is pivotal figureKamala Harris calls on Congress to pass policing bill at Tyre Nichols's funeral (117th: H.R.1280) • Durbin says Booker, Scott should revisit police reformTim Scott: Resurrecting House Democrats' police reform bill a 'nonstarter'Dems fret policing talks will be tangled with Tim Scott’s presidential hopesClyburn calls for Democrats to compromiseGraham floats potential compromise on qualified immunity, one of the key holdups in previous police reform negotiations: he doesn’t believe individual officers should have civil lawsuits filed against them, he does believe that police departments should face liability for the actions of their officers

Senators target cartels' online recruitment of teenage smugglers

McCarthy breaks with Greene on death of Ashli BabbittTrump splits with McCarthy

The Fraught World of Fertility Clinic Fraud (H.R. 451)

Corruption — Praising Evil, Punishing Good (Isaiah 5:20)

Senate Democrats look for way forward on marijuana banking bill (117th: S. 910)

Commerce Policy

Democrats and Republicans: Unite around abundance: reliable energy, affordable housing, new job creation

Manchin and Cruz team up on bill to protect gas stoves (S. 240)

Freshman Schmitt brings anti-ESG campaign to Senate

Senators raise pressure on Live Nation over ticketing industry monopoly

Agriculture Policy

2023 Farm Bill discussion highlights concerns about Mexico’s GMO corn import ban

Health Care Policy

Short- and long-term solutions to the healthcare affordability problem

Technology Policy

Democratic senator Bennet asks CEOs of Apple and Google to remove TikTok from app stores

Education Policy

Congressional Black Caucus celebrates Black History Month

Joyce Beatty reintroduces Black History is American History Act (H.R. 703)


Concerns over prayer breakfast lead Congress to take it over

Democratic senators form caucus for gun violence prevention

House Begins to Restore Deliberative Process

McCarthy says he’s forming bipartisan group to write lawmaker code of conduct following Omar vote

Democrats urge McCarthy to form select committee to combat antisemitism

Awaiting a Schumer-McCarthy summit

What these Freedom Caucus conservatives plan to do on House Rules Committee

Meet the Republican at the center of the House GOP’s investigations into Biden

Jim Jordan wields the gavel — and new power

Biden gets to know new partner in House in Hakeem Jeffries

AOC clinches coveted leadership post on House Oversight Committee

Manchin positions himself as bridge between Democrats and Republicans in new Congress

New GOP senator pledges 'laserlike focus' on decoupling Big Tech and government

Meet the border-district Republican at the immigration fight's 'epicenter'

Fetterman using adaptive technology in Senate

Steny Hoyer engaged to Brookings Institution senior fellow

McCarthy names GOP members to House Ethics Committee

Groups file ethics complaint over Sinema’s use of staff, how she allegedly treats staffers

Santos steps down from committee assignments'I've learned my lesson'FBI investigating alleged Santos scheme to defraud animal charity

Ilhan Omar on previous anti-Semitic comments: 'Wasn't aware there are tropes about Jews and money'Omar launching US-Africa policy working group

Democrats fill out select committees on Intel, China, COVID-19 and weaponizationDems name former Trump impeachment officials to GOP investigative panelHouse Dem laments 'friendly fire' after losing a plum panel seat

McConnell pulls rival Rick Scott off powerful Commerce Committee Scott cries political retributionScott: 'I don’t think it made any sense'

Missouri rep trolls Bengals players, Cincinnati mayor after Chiefs win

Victoria Spartz passes on Senate run, to retire from Congress at end of term

Committee Activity

House GOP laps Senate in committee launches

Senate organizes committees for the 118th Congress

U.S. Senate panel holds first votes on Biden judicial picks of 2023

Senate Judiciary Committee sends warning to Ticketmaster over Beyoncé tour tickets

GOP move to add word from Constitution to subcommittee name sparks Democratic outrage

Natural Resources panel drops its gun ban

House Republicans hold first hearings to kick off probes

Jordan subpoenas Garland, Wray over school board memo

House Republicans blast environmental rules in first Energy meeting

House Oversight chair eyes bipartisan classified documents reformHouse Oversight Committee hits ground running as GOP ushers in new era of priorities

House Education chair talks oversight, blocking student loan forgivenessNew top Republicans on education committees take aim at Biden student loan programs in first acts

Modernization panel finds a new home under House Administration

Senate Judiciary Committee to review Durham's investigation

Southwest COO to testify before Senate panel following mass cancellations

US Senate Banking Committee to Hold ‘Crypto Crash’ Hearing This Month

The House GOP's investigations: A field guide

House Oversight chair’s agenda: Hunter Biden, COVID origins, classified documents

House Intel members look for ‘reset’ after partisan era of Schiff, Nunes

Dems name new members to combat GOP investigations — including Schiff

TikTok chief to appear before congressional panel

Former Twitter execs to testify about Hunter Biden laptop story before House panel 

House committee to hold aviation safety hearing

Floor Outlook

When is Biden's State of the Union Address? What to know (Tuesday, 2/7/2023, 9 p.m.)

State of Our Union: Biden faces war in Ukraine and defense budget fights at home

State of the Union 2023: The special guests lawmakers invited to this year's addressTyre Nichols's parents accept invitation to attend State of the UnionMan who disarmed Monterey Park shooting suspect invited to State of the Union  | The HillRep. Greg Steube invites 'Good Samaritan' who helped him after fall as State of the Union guest

Huckabee Sanders to deliver Republican response to Biden's State of the Union

Rep. Delia Ramirez set to give State of the Union progressive response


Senate lowers expectations for new Congress

House of Representatives

House GOP plans vote to overturn DC laws, including allowing noncitizens to vote

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