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Joint Session for the State of the Union AddressProgressive takeawaysRepublican Response in English, • in SpanishSenate Republican Leader Responsetense exchange on Social SecurityLawmakers react to addresslawmakers blast omission of Chinese spy balloonFact check of economic claimsFact Checking 7 ClaimsMisguided Policies in AddressMcConnell slams Rick Scott over 12-point plan, says sunsetting Social Security, Medicare is a 'Rick Scott plan' only (which is consistent with how the Constitution is written: “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law”) • Scott doubles down, invites Biden to debate, announces new Social Security, Medicare bill (Rick Scott bills) • Biden once offered budget bill strikingly similar to Rick Scott plan

SenateDaily Leader Remarks • Actions begun

Senate confirms 1st Biden judicial nominee of 2023

HouseWeekly Leader ColloquyBills • Actions passed

Republicans read Constitution on House floor (Reading)

House passes bill to end COVID vaccine requirement for foreign air travelers (H.R. 185, Floor Debate)

While Biden says US-China relations have not been damaged by spy balloon incident, House unanimously approves resolution condemning China for 'brazen surveillance' (H.Res. 104, Floor Debate)

House votes to overturn DC law allowing illegal immigrants to cast ballots in local elections (H.J.Res. 24, Floor Debate)

House votes to overturn DC law softening penalties for murder, carjackings (H.J.Res. 26, Floor Debate)

House passes resolutions to block DC noncitizen voting bill, criminal code

National Security / Military

House leaders briefed on Chinese spy balloonTop Intelligence Committee Democrat: 'We'll learn a lot' from downed balloonDemocrat rips Biden: ‘They got us on this one’House briefing turns tenseGreene calls for probe into why Trump was unaware of previous Chinese balloonsRubio says ‘no parallel’ between Trump and Biden spy balloon incidentsRomney defends Biden's handlingRepublicans ramp up criticismSenate Republicans demand more information'Pounding on the door of the Pentagon': Senators push to keep out foreign spy balloonsGOP lawmakers say second object shot down undermines previous Biden Chinese spy balloon response

AMERICANS Act would reinstate military members kicked out for refusing Covid vaccine, since mandate was repealed in January (H.R. 453, S. 29)

Republicans Introduce Resolution to Stop Biden From Turning VA Hospitals Into Abortion Centers (S.J.Res. 10, H.J.Res. 31) • Lankford, Colleagues Push Effort to Block Illegal VA Abortion Rule

Bipartisan bills would repeal authorization of Gulf, Iraq wars (S. 316, H.R. 932)


House GOP seeks to divide, conquer Democrats on socialism

Homeland Security

Rep. Jeff Duncan Introduces Sweeping Border Security Package To Stop Record Illegal Immigration

Mark Morgan Tells Republicans to ‘Stop Funding’ Border Crisis with the “feeding and housing of illegal aliens”


Republican reaction to Biden's border remarks reveals how far off immigration reform is

Tony Gonzales steps up to the plate on immigration and border security

Rubio introduces bill stiffening penalties for 'coyotes' helping immigrants enter US (S. 381)

Senators unveil bipartisan bill to protect Dreamers amid uncertainty over DACA (S. 365)

Federal Spending

GOP races from Medicare, Social Security third railJeffries says ‘extreme MAGA’ Republicans consider Social Security a Ponzi scheme: 'Must stop them'

House Republican introduces bill to flip funding in DC from stoves to crime (H.R. 928)

McCarthy argues for debt limit and spending deal, rules out tax hikes, calls for spending cutsRick Scott ratchets up war with Mitch McConnell during debt limit battle: ‘Tired of caving’Blackburn proposes across-the-board spending cuts amid debt ceiling fightBipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus race to resolve debt ceiling impasse before 'unacceptable' defaultHouse Republican says he's working with Democrats on 'fail-safe' option for debt ceiling


Manchin frustrated with Biden over implementation of Inflation Reduction Act (P.L. 117-169)

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh to leave to run NHL players unionCongressional Black Caucus endorses Su to succeed Walsh as labor secretary

Obama Cabinet secretary reveals process of choosing designated survivor (during the State of the Union address)


Cruz: Committee Advanced 6 ‘Extremist’ Judicial Nominees at Once to ‘Shield’ Them From Scrutiny

New York Times editorial board presses Durbin to end Senate 'blue slip' judicial vetoes

Supreme Court

Republican senators submit amicus brief to Supreme Court arguing against student loan relief

Justice — Punishing Evil, Praising Good (Romans 13:3-4; 1 Peter 2:14)

Booker 'sobered' by prospects of police reform in divided CongressBooker says he's talking with Scott, GrahamRep. James Clyburn Urges Democrats To Give Ground

Democrats can't decide if addressing crime is necessary or racist

Corruption — Praising Evil, Punishing Good (Isaiah 5:20)

Senators reintroduce bill to codify Roe, Legalize Abortions Up to Birth Nationwide (S. 317)

Commerce Policy

Conservatives should be wary of Biden's antitrust Trojan Horse

House Democrat presses Musk on rise of antisemitism on Twitter

Agriculture Policy

A View of the 2023 Farm Bill at the Starting Line in the Senate

Seven Worries About Farm Safety Net Heading Into Next Farm Bill

Health Care Policy

Questions for a COVID response Congressional Inquiry

Government Must Take Health Care Staffing Shortages Seriously

Big Government will not lower healthcare costs


Congressional centrists plot deal-cutting course in divided government

What technology, special accommodations does Fetterman have in the Senate?John Fetterman made it one month in the Senate before being hospitalized after feeling lightheadeddoctors rule out new strokeFetterman leaves hospital, to return to Senate next weekFetterman hears voices like undecipherable Peanuts cartoon character after strokewhat happens if health complications force him to resign

Congressional Hispanic Caucus leader facing ouster after firing top staffer for 'insubordination'Democrats face high turnover, raising questions about a 'bad boss' problem

Klobuchar rising: Leadership path opens for Minnesota Dem

Matt Gaetz replaces Chip Roy on ‘weaponization’ panel

Rep. Angie Craig assaulted in DC apartment building elevatorCraig statement: 'I was very, very lucky' not to be seriously injuredDC police arrest suspect

Former aide accuses George Santos of sexual harassmentDemocrats launch effort to expel Santos from Congress

Committee Activity

5 Key Questions in Senate Panel’s Hearing on Chinese Spy Balloon

Southwest admits major failure as Congress grills airline over mass flight cancellations

Pete Buttigieg slammed by senators for not cracking down on airlines

Senate Transportation Committee hears details of toll-road report

Sanders seeks showdown with Schultz on Starbucks

Senate panel debates safety net spending in upcoming farm bill

Senate Judiciary Committee advances Gordon Gallagher nomination

GOP, Dems clash on parental involvement, LGBTQ students at year's first Education hearing

Partisan rift widens on immigration policy, as seen in two House hearings 

Hunter Biden attorney rejects House Oversight request for recordsHouse GOP's under-the-radar Hunter Biden problem: DOJ got there first

Jim Jordan requests communications between Biden administration, social media companies

Former Twitter execs tell Republicans they erred on Hunter Biden laptop storyTwitter Execs Testify That Their Election-Meddling Decisions Were Even Flimsier Than Previously Claimed6 Takeaways as House Probes Twitter's Burying of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

The states that won big in committee assignments in GOP-led House

Ideological, regional diversity hallmarks of tax panel’s frosh

Judiciary Committee interviews FBI whistleblower as House GOP probes 'weaponization' of DOJ

House weaponization panel opens first hearing with a partisan bangGOP senators testify on FBI in first ‘Weaponization’ panel hearingRepublicans make quick use of subpoenas

Senate panel sets new hearing for Biden telecom nomineeLog Cabin Republicans call on Senate to reject Biden LGBT nominee Gigi Sohn to FCC

Expanding ties with India is priority area for new U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee

Floor Outlook


Senators to be briefed on Chinese balloon next week (2/15), Schumer says

Schumer: Implementation of already-enacted legislation “is going to be a top priority for Senate Democrats in the months to come.” Also, “lifting the debt ceiling

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