Saturday, February 25, 2023

Weekly Congress Update

National Security / Military

GOP lawmakers seek investigation after military records released to Democratic-linked firm

Foreign Policy

Schumer in India stresses economic ties as 'crucial counterweight' to China

McConnell trip abroad to include visit with UAE leader

A welcome Senate visit to Saudi Arabia

One year later: On grim anniversary, Zelensky declares, ‘We see the light of this victory’

Biden's Ukraine visit exposes GOP fault linesGraham: Biden visit to Ukraine sends 'right signal' at 'right time'Ted Cruz accuses Zelensky of political 'theater'

Senators Want to Block Chinese Airlines from Flying Over Russia

Britt brings back legislation countering “Chinese Communist Party aggression” (S.Res. 66, S. 68, S. 442, S. 370)

Plans in Congress on China and TikTok Face Hurdles After Spy Balloon Furor


U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar, Gary Peters, Colleagues Call on Department of Homeland Security to Prioritize Funding for Election Security

Homeland Security

House GOP looks for plan B after struggling to pass border security bill (H.R. 29)

Federal Spending

Congress spends over $100 billion in Ukraine aid in first year of invasion • McConnell says Ukraine aid 'not an act of charity' on one-year anniversary of conflict, calls Ukraine aid a 'direct investment' for US against Putin's 'war machine’Marjorie Taylor Greene to introduce bill to audit US aid to Ukraine

House progressives introduce bill to cut Pentagon spending by $100 billion (H.R. 1134)

Federal workers oppose proposed Pentagon civilian workforce cut

House Rules Committee Chairman and House Appropriations Committee Vice Chair Tom Cole discusses debt ceiling and issues facing a divided Congress

Republicans flip the script on Medicare and Social Security attacks

House Working To Fulfill Budget Pledges

McCarthy walks debt ceiling tightrope in first major test of speakership

Monetary Policy

Congress Needs To Act On Crypto But The Senate Is Way Behind


IRS leaked thousands of Americans’ tax filings; Congress demands answers

Markey urges DHS to drop smartphone app for migrants

Progressives call on FDA to take further action on cold and flu medicines shortage

Dairy state Senator Baldwin: FDA decision to allow plant-based products to be labeled as milk 'misguided'

Biden to huddle with Senate Democrats at Capitol on Thursday

Republicans argue Biden student debt program is ‘major question’

Republicans request documents from Biden's Supreme Court commission


Appeals court weighs protections for lawmaker cell phone contents

Supreme Court

Supreme Court cautious during arguments on internet liability law

Corruption — Praising Evil, Punishing Good (Isaiah 5:20)

DC attorney general urges Senate not to overturn district’s criminal code

Commerce Policy

The many bipartisan opportunities for energy policy: new farm bill, critical minerals policy, energy permitting reform, natural gas infrastructure legislation, carbon border adjustment measures

Health Care Policy

Congressional Republicans Push for Transparency, Accountability of Drug Price-Setting Fund

Gillibrand Presses For Minimum Nursing Home Staffing Standards

Sanders: Medicare-for-all 'ain't going to happen' in divided Congress

Technology Policy

Parents pushing for Capitol Hill to pass legislation on child social media safety

House GOP split over Big Tech antitrust: Jordan versus Buck


Supreme Court begs Congress to do its job

Grassley asks former Architect of Capitol when he will repay taxpayersExplainer: The role of the architect of the Capitol

The Fetterman dilemma: by focusing on his campaign rather than his stroke recovery, did he permanently damage his health?

Congressional Black Caucus praises Biden administration for racial justice agenda

McCarthy gives Fox News' Tucker Carlson access to Jan. 6 Capitol surveillance footageBennie Thompson rips McCarthyMike Lindell says he will sue McCarthyNews outlets demand footageSpeaker defends giving video to Fox host

McCarthy and Jeffries form bipartisan task force on booting lawmakers from committees

Rep. Pence talks upcoming legislation, debt ceiling, China, Ukraine

Warren discusses new role on Senate Armed Services Subcommittee, taxing the wealthy to bolster Social Security, and more

Democrats erupt with fury after Republican questions ‘loyalty’ of Rep. Chu

Jennifer McClellan wins special election for the late Donald McEachin's House seat

Raskin says he is halfway through his cancer treatment

Jewish Omar staffer accused of betraying faith decries religion-based hatred

Top appropriations aide and ‘institutionalist’ Kieffer to retireMikulski: ‘Long before Google there was Chuck Kieffer’

House cafeteria workers eyeing pickets, walkouts if contract talks sour

Democratic Rep. David Cicilline to resign from Congress in June, opening seat in Rhode Island

James Abourezk, 1st Arab American US senator, dies at 92

Committee Activity

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, House Republicans scour southern borderNo Democrats Show Up

Oversight Chairman James Comer demands records on State Department funding group blacklisting conservatives

GOP committee leader tells Walsh to retain records for oversight requests

Lawmakers have high hopes for ‘serious’ China committeeHouse China Committee Will Call Trump Officials To Testify — And Face Questions Over Spy Balloons

Weaponization of Government Committee Getting a Small Budget, at first

House Republicans launch probe of Buttigieg response to Ohio train derailment

US Senate committee to vote on Garcetti nomination on Feb 28

Floor Outlook

7 things on which Congress might actually agree: China, Russia, Prescription drugs, Tech regulation, Drug sentencing reform, Crypto, Must-pass bills

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